CaUTiOn: PITta oN bOaRD

This journey of mine has had me thinking about things again. Now that I feel that my home is settled and truly all mine, I am starting on my intentions. I decided that my year of Sustainability-Devotion-Abundance would include some lifestyle changes. I am feeling more open to challenges the past few months and quite frankly, I am so not wanting to take Zoloft and Welburtin for the next nine months. I need to work on getting out of this fog once and for all.

So what is the definition of my year.  Sustainability – This is mostly about my money (issues, let’s be honest), volunteer simplicity, eco-living choices, and creating healthy habits in regards to my financial future.  Devotion – My life has always centered around faith. Admittedly, i have fallen several times but God has always had my back. I will be following through on some things I have put off, attending mass on a regular basis, and let go of the hurt of the past few years. Abundance is all about growth and bringing joy back in my life. Either through yoga, running, gardening, volunteering, saving, giving or whatever brings joy.

Daily Om is a website that my friend Rose *names changed to protect us mOnkies* lead me to a few years ago. I get a daily thought email and today I stumbled upon some online courses. For a $1 each I signed up for Heal Your Money Karma and Heal Yourself with Ayurveda. With the money course,  is covers the following: You will notice that you’ll be less impulsive around money. You’ll have less need for things to make you happy. You will be calmer in financial situations that used to be stressful. You will be earning more money and saving more money. You will be making better investment decisions. You will be telling the truth to your friends and family members (e.g. when you’re invited out to a restaurant you can’t afford, you will decline and say why, unapologetically, and then offer an affordable alternative). You will notice your mind playing new affirmative messages instead of the old, limiting, ancestral messages. It is an eight-week course and after today’s first lesson, I am excited to see what else they have to say.

The second course is not a new idea for me. I found the practice of Ayurveda about 15 years ago (Gawd, time flies!) and when I lived in Seattle, I went to a Ayurvedic practitioner. However, being mid-twenties and not wanting to be odd man out any more than I already was, I got away from learning more. I recently found all my books on Ayurveda and when I saw the course, I signed up. I would like to find a way out of taking the meds anymore than I need to. So with this course, I will have a better understanding of my Dosha and adding routines to my life that add balance. This course is lead by Lissa Coffey and will cover the following topics: Individual strategies for diet, exercise, and lifestyle. How to create and maintain healthy relationships using Vedic principles. How to accept our characteristics and honor who we already are. Detailed information about each of the three doshas, or Ayurvedic mind/body types and how to determine your own unique dosha. How Ayurveda works as a health care system. Seasonal accommodations, and Ayurveda around the clock and through the years. Specific recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle for each dosha. Recommended Asanas and Yoga routines for each dosha. Ayurvedic massage techniques including recommended oils and aromatherapy. Meditation techniques, mantras and rituals. Pranic breathing techniques. Information about the major charkas and their relation to Ayurveda. Information about Tantra, Jyotish, Vastu, Vedic philosophy and more. Information about Ayurvedic herbs and how to use them for self-care. If your interested in the courses offered, you can find them here .

I am excited about these two new adventures.

In other news, I got a seed catalog today…OMG! I am itching to sow something! Also, on a walk with Hermione today, I found that a resident had thrown away seven perfectly good, self-watering garden containers. Those are now mine! I love when I think of what I need and it pops right into my life. So cool.

Today was spent dealing with yet another awful migraine. So now I am up late trying to tire myself out so I can get some sleep. It’s the weekend, it’s ok to be up late.

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One thought on “CaUTiOn: PITta oN bOaRD

  1. Hee hee… I’m a Pitta-Kapha blend. I hear ya on the medication front – I was on both for quite a while but wasn’t satisfied with using the medication to treat the symptoms. it helped and there is certainly a place for it, but it’s not helping get to the root of what’s causing the depression and/or anxiety in the first place.

    I’m so excited that your focus is on sustainability and finding ways to make that happen in your life. The more you’re open to it, the more it will be evident in your life!

    Lubs you!

    ps. put the catalog down and step away sloooowwwwlly… 😉

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