#OneBookJuly – Weekly Pages

My weekly section has been though quite a few changes in the three weeks of #OneBookJuly2016. I have dedicated the weekly section for my #sidehustle side of life (blogging, YouTube, & direct sales) in hopes of having a better organized life. I will show “after the pen” on my IG account and on next weeks video.

Link to Tinyrayofsunshine’s Biz and Blog Bullet Journal Layout http://www.tinyrayofsunshine.com/blog/blog-and-business-bullet-journal

One Book July – Monthly View

Hello again, here’s week two of the #oneBookJuly2016 challenge

Just a quick video showing a comparison of my monthly Midori calendar to the Hobonichi. Keeping it pretty streamline with only showing appointments, re-occurring tasks, meetings, birthday’s and special events. Leaving the nitty-gritty of planning to the weekly and daily pages.


Mulder. Scully?

Oh my 90’s has returned! I conspiracy heart is all  pitter-patter over this epic return to TV {everything is a conspiracy, trust me}. I don’t care if it’s just a tease with only six episodes to watch.
The truth is out there

Pssst…all done

So what do you think of my bright new changes???!!  I hope you find it less fussy and cluttered as I do. There are some many changes and updates that have to happen but I am glad it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I worked on the YouTube channel so everything is matchy-matchy.  Also, the Facebook page received an update as well…whew! A bloggers work is never done.  If there is something not working or you have any suggestions, please leave your comments.

OMG! I almost forgot…check this out! I have been picked to be a part of the Design Team for MommyLhey stamps. Take a moment and check it out!  I’ll be posting projects and the such here and as well as Instagram, so be sure to subscribe!


Check it all out at http://mommylheydesigns.com/meet-our-designer-team/

Check it all out at http://mommylheydesigns.com/meet-our-designer-team/

Health update

After much thought, debate, talking to myself, answering myself and napping; I have come to a conclusion.  I swore two and half years ago that I would not make this blog into a “woe is me, I have a chronic illness” diary of sort.  I know for certain, that I don’t want to read about it, so why would I write about it?

The truth is, I have a chronic illness! There is never a moment in my life that I don’t deal with it, explain it, whine about it or work around it.

Dragonflykeep will be about the journey of me, how I manage my illness, my hobbies, my freakish delight in paper goods and a few health related posts plugged in as well.  You may not really see much change, but in my head I have finally came to peace with the focus of my blog. With this, I will be recommitting my collaboration with Spoongeeks and will have monthly topics that will be discussed here on my blog and a video on you tube.

Yea, it’s the same but different.

Be sure to check the Spoongeeks site for my FrainBoggedMoments vlogs!

Follow me….

to YouTube!  That’s right, I am taking a big bold step into the world of vlogs! Well, not such a huge step. I have been a very slow participant on a collaboration with my BFF and her hubby over on Spoongeeks (yes, I owe a vid, I know!)

But, guys, look…I’m making my own vids on my planner obsession, err, setups.  I’m calling them Vlogtini’s…why, I have no idea. It just popped into my head and no one else seemed to be using the term so I went with it!

Below are my first two episodes! Take a look, subscribe and comment!


Hello 2015

In the last six weeks of 2014,  I unloaded 12 boxes & 4 shopping bags of donations and at least 3 full bags of trash from my little lofty living space. I just had too much stuff. I am not a hoarder…I can at least vacuum and clean my space…but I would consider myself at least a pack rat apprentice.

Due to my current living situation of three combined households, most of my walk-in closet is used for storage. But with running an Etsy storefront, clothes, crafts and the general cry of “I don’t know where to put this!”. It was becoming a mess. And I get a little antsy-pantsy when there is an avalanche waiting to happen in my closet.

I started small, I created a station for shipping and mailing out the etsy purchases and snail mail. Also, this area houses my filing cabinet (which I had reorganized and cleaned up earlier on the year). The next major area was setting up an accessible section for JJDPCO  and the last was paring down the clothes.  So over the six weeks, I took it a box at a time. Consolidating and shifting the space allotted there be some breathing room.  Some Spring clean…I Fall clean.  My energy is not so depleted due to weather and my creative instincts are in overdrive during that time of the year.

Work behind the scenes on the blog happened too. I created a YouTube channel called Dragonflykeep Vlogtini’s for a bit of variety here. I can only commit to a vlog a month for Dragonflykeep. It’s an experiment for me so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll be doing reviews, unboxing of subscriptions and planner setups.

Soooo, I guess I should explain a bit more about the title.  Not too long ago I was part of a non-profit historical re-creation group and most of my time and money went to traveling, fabric and such.  Since that is no longer a part of my expenditures, money has been spent on planners, paper, stickymemos, page flags, pens, inserts and other various necessary I HAD TO HAVE items!  And, dude, I gave into some mighty good peer pressure!

After the decluterring phase, I decided to nix the purchase any more such items. Srsly, I have pens to write with till I’m 101!  I asked Santa for a few things that I felt I couldn’t live without and kept a couple of subscriptions. Yes, Yes, I’m getting to the point! 2015 is going to be all about using what I got! (if you follow me on instagram, it will be under the hashtag #usewhatyagot2015).

I am setting up a Midori Travelers Notebook with a Hobonichi Weeks planner (vlogtini ep 1) in an effort to keep myself to one planner system for the year (too much detail for the this post…see the first vlogtini episode!!).

This isn’t just about my undying love for stationery and other kawaii items…there are some changes coming to my finances, health and additional areas for 2015….this is going to be an awesome year!