How to Tackle Spring Cleaning

Just short of a month from now it will be Spring…somewhere…because I live in the armpit of hell and we don’t have seasons.  Anyway, I wanted to share how I am going to tackle my Spring Cleaning this year.  You know what this is right? The annual “throw open the windows and let the fresh air of the new season waft through your home as you are scrubbing the baseboards to a brilliant shine!”


In my former rabbit paced life, that would have been the scenario. There is no cleaning of the home from top to bottom for three days for me anymore. I do have help with major parts of the home that allow me to utilize the FlyLady’s method of cleaning one area each week. (and yes, I have stickers for that). Since I still hold down a 9 to 5 job, I do pay to have help around the house. However, there areas that are strictly mine to take care of.

Last year, I took 52 areas/spots in my living space to tackle and even joined in with a cleaning/de-clutter event held by one of favorite planner peeps. This year, I am picking on area to work on. One. My fugly patio. It’s just bad. Dead plants, cushions losing their fabric, rusted garden tools bad!

Now here’s the first thing I did…ready, pre-planning. (yes, I love planning #allthethings!). I took a look around my patio and identified all the items that needed to be cleaned, trashed, replaced, repaired and even added a few items to purchase.  Then I sat down with my calendar and picked two Saturdays that I don’t have other plans. I overdo and I didn’t want my Saturday filled with errands and cleaning. I picked a date for the removal of trash, then a date of sweeping and clearing the cobwebs, and so forth. By the time I’m done it will be Spring!

Next month, I will update you with professional looking before and after’s worthy of HGTV.  No, not really, but one can wish.



Cash Envie

Image by Roundicons, text by picmonkey


I wanted to share a few sources for cash envelopes with you all.  The most super easy way is to go to the local dollar store, buy a box of small envelopes, grab a pen, purchase, go home, write on envelopes and stuff with the cash. Done.

Buh….I’m a paperaddict…some of us might want to use stickers, washi and different colored pens…oh my.  Truth is, as with most things in life. you can make this system as simple or as complicated as you want.  Below are some of my favorite sources for setting up a cash envelope system.  From basic blank envelopes to an app created by Dave Ramsey’s group.  Click those links people!

For those who like to make your own, I used this tutorial to make tabs for my wallet – I laminated mine and used basic craft paper.

Or if you are very crafty & own a sticker maker, this is an awesome tutorial (and when you make your set, I’d like one to please!)

Lastly, for those who just don’t do paper and need an app for that, there is EveryDollar from the Dave Ramsey peeps!

For me, I’m sticking with the tabs and savings account.  It’s how I roll.




Unfriend Day

Today is the day. It’s time to do some fall cleaning! This year I having been working on the 52 areas that I wanted to de-clutter and e-mails topped the list. It seems quite the gimmick that every time you want to get to a site, order something or just surf…someone wants your email address!

When I hit this on my task list, there were a couple of things I had to do first. One, determine if their email was of value to me and two, was I actually reading the email they sent. The I went to UnrollMe and downloaded it my Gmail account. Once it did it’s thing I reviewed the list it spit out. It gives you an opt-in or opt-out option to all email subscriptions that are filling up your in box.

Oops, I didn’t mean to delete that one….No Worries. UnrollMe sends you a nice little email everyday containing all the peeps you threw into the opt-out, just in case you really did need that email.

Also, there is this very unique item on every email list that you have subscribed to. Open the email. scrolllllllllll all the way to the bottom and pick Unsubscribe. Delete. Delete.

Give it a whirl and let me know what you think!


Three Year Itch

At the beginning of May I was all excited to do not one but four Instagram challenges…it lasted about three days. My intentions were good, but my body had other plans.
I did stick with one though that I was really excited about. InkWell Press had a 28-day challenge to organize personal spaces (think, bathroom, closets, bedroom and such). Each Sunday started off with a video by Tanya Dalton (owner of InkWellPress) with tips and suggestions for each day of the challenge.  This one, I actually finished.
I noticed a particular habit of mine this time around, I have a need to re-shuffle the feathers of my nest about every three years.  When I had my cottage house, around the third year I re-painted, re-did and re-organized each room of the adorable little place. At the apartment, it was around the third year there that I did the same (posts are in this blog somewhere). It made me giggle because, I’ve been at the Homestead for about three years now. Talk about having certain cycles in life.
I really, really enjoyed this challenge. It was well organized, unique and inspirational. In total, I gave 12 bags to donation and two full garden trash bags of trash. (trash was also measured by the use of the copious amount of circle circle dot store shopping bags I have, about 9 of those). What was even better, it went well with my 52-Week list I made at the beginning of the year for cleaning my space.
Now I have less physical tasks ahead of me with most of the bigger projects done due to this challenge.  There was a hint of maybe another challenge in the future with InkWell, I’d sign up for it if I were you!

The Bane of My Life

I swear there are days that I want to get one of those huge ass dumpster hauler things and throw everything I own into it.  UGH! My closet, it tortures me daily.
I have enough stuff to sustain all of my addictions (paper crafting, it’s an addiction!) for the next year. I have posty notes, stickers and pens aplenty but I am currently looking at a hoarder story waiting to happen.
I am not by nature a minimalist person.  I am an “oh shiny, I must have this” person. I have told you before, I shop like a drunken virgin sailor on his first shore leave. I even subscribe to people who send me more stuff. Washi tape, I got it.
I’ve been reading the weekly Tuesday column by the founder of Flow Magazine Astrid and her adventures into simplifying her life, space, and things. She is keeping it real my friends. She lives with her two sons whose lego collections are legendary and a boyfriend who has more shoes than she. I’ve enjoyed her insight into how she has to deal with “his collections” her constant need to “tidy up”.
My 52 Week List has come in handy but not as rewarding as it should be. And I am the culprit.  How many books on organizing do I really need. One or two at the most…I have eleven.  Let’s not talk about the washi tape “collection”. It’s become too much.
And having a illness on top of all the crap is taking me over the edge.
There are so many tips on de-cluttering, living simply, capsulizing your wardrobe, folding clothes that make you happy and I could go on but I would need a nap. Here’s the thing: I need to STOP! LIMIT! USE WHAT YA GOT! and KEEP CALM!
STOP! This first step is going to be the hardest. I’m going to have to stop the impulsive shopping. I shop when I am happy or sad or because I can or there’s a 50% coupon. It’s my addiction… and yes, there is a group for that.
LIMIT! At the beginning of the this past new year I was up to five online subscriptions with different paper companies. I finally made it down to two this past month. So, if new washi tape comes into the house, three I don’t use should be donated. (hehe, right?)
USE WHAT YA GOT! This has to be my new motto. Lissy, you really don’t need another planner…like ever.
KEEP CALM! Have we met?
(really, I don’t need another planner!)

Pocketbook Notes for May 15th

Lots of fun stuff to delve into today, so go grab a chai latte and enjoy!!

(you can grab coffee too, it won’t tell it’s your third cup this morning)

I adore stamps! I adore planners! This lovely post shows how using stamps in our planners is affordable and fun.

Huge list of toxic plants to keep away from the pups!

You may need a hankie for this uber sweet short film I found on Dog\Milk

Can I have this Design to Inspire space please?


Mulder. Scully?

Oh my 90’s has returned! I conspiracy heart is all  pitter-patter over this epic return to TV {everything is a conspiracy, trust me}. I don’t care if it’s just a tease with only six episodes to watch.
The truth is out there

Up For a Challenge?


Forget No Spend Month….it ends up being a challenge of “how much did I spend?” Month instead of a true No Spend. Truthfully, I love getting packages in the mail and to my dismay, I recently found Blitzy (don’t go there, or you’ll call me an enabler!)

I decided to shop at this awesome place called My Stash…it’s literally seconds from my desk…yep, it’s Use What Ya Got Month here at the Keep. I honestly have enough stickers, washi tape, stamps, and pens to supply at small nation (ok, a very small nation). Each day of August I will be posting a photo of a planner page or item I made using the items I already own. Caveat: I am still getting my Happie Scrappie & Cocoa Daisy items but they will not be included into my stash until September.

This is how you will know if I used what I own, it will have this convenient hashtag in the description #usewhatyougotaugust2015

You may also want to check out the YouTube from Raven Ink on the Suffocation of Stuff

Search for @dragonflykeep on Instagram, it will link you up to my photo stream.

Not a sponsored post
This is not a sponsored post and all items mentioned were purchased or are through a subscription purchase.  Links provided are to help you find the product. They do not cost you additional and they help support my ass.