Pocketbook Notes for May 15th

Lots of fun stuff to delve into today, so go grab a chai latte and enjoy!!

(you can grab coffee too, it won’t tell it’s your third cup this morning)

I adore stamps! I adore planners! This lovely post shows how using stamps in our planners is affordable and fun.

Huge list of toxic plants to keep away from the pups!

You may need a hankie for this uber sweet short film I found on Dog\Milk

Can I have this Design to Inspire space please?


Pocketbook Notes

Do you carry around a memo book, a note book that list out the things you want to read about later? I do, I have a digital version and a collection of things that I want to read up on or just find interesting.  Thus, I give you…Pocketbook Notes.  Yay! Right?

Each Sunday I will bring you three to four posts that have caught my eye over the week…enjoy the reads my friends

Thursday is Cinco de Drinko, umm Mayo….here’s a fun taquitos & margaritas recipe.

Some questions you should be asking yourself when you decide to declutter.

Let me just tell you how jelly I am with this girls impending move to Prague but until then I can at least live it through her eyes!

and finally, something fun for the whole family…a fairy house!

Enjoy the links!


Well, if you are reading this, you may not have participated in Unplugging Day. As a blogger, you might think this would be the worse thing I could do but it’s not.  I pledged to turn off the phone, TV, computer for 24 hours.

Since work is not participating yet again this year (hehe), I’m going for 9pm Friday to 9pm Saturday.

For a bit more history check this out –> National Day of Unplugging

I will comment when the challenge is over to let you know how many hours I made it!!

Under Construction…again


It’s summer-ish here and my blogaversary is not far off. I’m working on cleaning up my site, building my brand and working on some new content for you all.

See you once again July 4th weekend