Saga, it continues

Last month I was brutally honest, and probably a bit TMI, on my health status. I had to be honest with myself and with my own personal upcoming mid-year review of my goals, it had to be said.

So what am I doing about it? I am hitting the vitamins EVERYDAY (well, at least for the last 21 days). When I initially dosed out my supplements, I did so for three times a day. That was not working. Either I forgot in the morning or ended up with a day of “coming home, feed the dog and crash out”.

I know for myself that no matter what, even on a bad, bad day I will eat lunch. I now take all my vitamins, at the same time each day. Viola! Score one for the Lissy.

Now to tackle the other nine items


Designed by Kreativkolors -

Designed by Kreativkolors –



Pocketbook Notes Sunday

Back again with a few more linky links for you.  Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!

My house and home guru Ms. Stewart has a few tips on simplifying your make-up routines.

This had me at banana’s!

It’s hot here in Phoenixland, how about granita’s to cool you down?

stock image from Freepik - madebyoliver

stock image from Freepik – madebyoliver



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Pockectbook Notes Sunday

Happy Father’s Day to all those baby daddy’s! And to my mOnkey, extra big hug today!

With that said, I checked the calendar and not only is it Dad’s day…it Martini Day!

This linky is to a collection of delish concoctions to celebrate the day!

Oh, I needed this intervention this week!

I’m still on the kick to rid myself of clutter (next is my paper supplies…I’m not ready). Here’s a quick guide for those of you of faced with a decision of where to start.

Happy Drinking…er, Father’s Day!

Photo by Peter Tompkins - Stockvault

Photo by Peter Tompkins – Stockvault

Pocketbook Notes for May 15th

Lots of fun stuff to delve into today, so go grab a chai latte and enjoy!!

(you can grab coffee too, it won’t tell it’s your third cup this morning)

I adore stamps! I adore planners! This lovely post shows how using stamps in our planners is affordable and fun.

Huge list of toxic plants to keep away from the pups!

You may need a hankie for this uber sweet short film I found on Dog\Milk

Can I have this Design to Inspire space please?