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Kon Mari Method - Sentimental


Well, I did it. I finished out 2017 with a last dive into the world of KonMari. The last category is that of Sentimental items. The toughest is actually saved for last. It is not only the toughest but I find the most rewarding. By the time you get to this part of the journey, you are ready. To let go of the garage full of antiques from great-grandmother whose Baroque furniture style doesn’t really fit with your post-modern style home. Or the prom dress from thirty plus years ago.  While these items may hold incredible meaning and value to us. They are not in use, hanging out, collecting dust and taking up valuable space.

My father’s watch means so much more to me than the prom dress hanging in my closet that my ass will NEVER fit into again. Your Grandmothers furniture could be use to fund for a trip to the city of her birth – a bit more rewarding than a garage full of furniture. Don’t you think?

I will have to say that delving into this de-cluttering phase was probably to single more rewarding thing I did for myself in 2017.  I really enjoyed this process and what it opened up for me. I love that my items all have a specific home and it takes just minutes to “clean” my bathroom than actually hours. My clothes are kept in check by maintaining a forty-four piece capsule. Books are now less frequently purchase and only if my library doesn’t have the book to lend.

This is not say that the process fixed all my clutter problems. I still have a hard time limiting what I bring into the house. I don’t always ask myself “does it bring me joy?” I whole heartedly admit that another run through of my planner supplies will be happening in the next couple of months. Along with taking care of my balcony patio as I don’t have a garage full of furniture.

It has been quite an eye-opening journey for me.



Saga, it continues

Last month I was brutally honest, and probably a bit TMI, on my health status. I had to be honest with myself and with my own personal upcoming mid-year review of my goals, it had to be said.

So what am I doing about it? I am hitting the vitamins EVERYDAY (well, at least for the last 21 days). When I initially dosed out my supplements, I did so for three times a day. That was not working. Either I forgot in the morning or ended up with a day of “coming home, feed the dog and crash out”.

I know for myself that no matter what, even on a bad, bad day I will eat lunch. I now take all my vitamins, at the same time each day. Viola! Score one for the Lissy.

Now to tackle the other nine items


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