BuGGer ThAt!

So, down to $160 left in my budget for the July Food Stamp Challenge. Bugger! It’s not news to me that I eat out…a lot! This really has been an eye opening experience, to see how much it is affecting my budget. I still have to buy next weeks groceries. The shopping list is just right under the $50 limit. No More Eating Out!

I am going to give a meal plan a try. I am going to cook something in the crock pot and hope it helps with combating the “I will just pick something up on the way home” song and dance. We shall see…still 24 days left in the challenge!



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2 thoughts on “BuGGer ThAt!

  1. I keep wanting to try this whole menu making and list making thing and wishing it would work just once.
    I mentioned the other week to my husband that with the amount we spend on eating out, we could make some amazing things at home. He said, “You know, I don’t eat out because the food is better.”
    The social atmosphere is what it is about. Perhaps, cut down the amount or mix things up. I have wanted to do a potluck party somewhere or a picnic get together, but while people say, “Great idea!” it never comes to fruitation, because the quick supper plan is easier.

    1. The whole menu plan really doesn’t work for a single woman with no kids. So I just have been using my previous WW menu for breakfasts and lunches. I have at least one crockpot menu ingredients at hand and that does come in handy. The cleaning, laundry and other sundries have been pretty much stocked…now moving onto food stuffs.

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