::BloGs I aDorE::

I decided it wasn’t a good idea to call this monthly series Stalker Profiles…mostly due to the fact that I was once in a very scary situation with a stalker hippo myself. So, I have changed it to ::Blogs I Adore::. Less creepy, more blog love!

Blog Name: Silly Grrl

Why I adore this blog: SHE RAN AWAY AND JOINED A CIRCUS! Srsly! Not only is she an awesome web designer but a trapeze artist as well! I am encouraged by those who are able to stop their nine-to-five lives to follow their dreams. Her post on how she made the escape is one of my favorites. I also look forward to her wrap up post that introduces me to either very light-hearted posts to the serious thought-provoking posts by others. She is the type of blog I want this one to grow up to be!!

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!!

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