BiTCh, MoAN & CoMPlaiN

I promised myself that this blog would not be used to as a place to blabber about my diagnosis. But there are days when my fatigue gets worse or new symptoms arise. We mOnkey’s call this Whack-A-Symptom and I am not very fond of this game.

This week is a good example. Sunday is my day, I stay in my PJ’s, take care of things for the upcoming week and write out my blog content. And yet, Sunday new symptoms rose up and I am just starting now to feel somewhat human again.  Leaving me with no blog content for the week…le sigh.

Hope you all will hang in there with me. There are some great things happening at Dragonfly Keep!! Financial hurdles met, new job about to start and that is just the beginning!!

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That light at the end of the tunnel is not a train!!

au revoir!

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