BeSt LaiD PlANs

I had some great posts all planned out in my blog content folder, but it just didn’t happen. The adrenal issue was strong this week and it was all I could do to get through work and then home to crash. My beautiful BFF was so sweet and picked up after me so I didn’t have to worry about cleaning this weekend.

I can only explain what this diagnosis feels like by comparing it to the Titanic. Yea, you are sailing along eating, drinking, merry-making and then SLAM! ICEBERG!! Outta nowhere comes the fatigue and the other various symptoms. You pretty much are left with gripping a lifeboat or drowning in a the abyss of Addison’s.

By grabbing a life boat, the changes will come slowly and eventually you will get picked up again by taking care of yourself, resting and doing things that add to your overall good health. I am now a vitamin taking, super green foods eating, converted healthy chick. I know my mom got a kick out of me FINALLY taking me vitamins!!

So the progress not only on the blog has decreased but also my 2012 ReDesign Challenge. My kitchen is still looking good but I have decided to do a bit of switch on the plans for my bedroom and my office. I will be placing the majority of the bedroom items into the office and then vice versa. I find that with the focus on making my envelopes, I really need some space for supplies and working. Since it just me at this juncture of my life, I really don’t need much in my bedroom. I am moving the bed and dresser into my smaller room. Leaving the “master” to be my home for JJDouglasPaperCo HQ!

So while I am waiting for my beautiful BFF -slash- temporary roommate to close on her house I am mainly going through closets, dressers and my desk supplies to weed out the items I can donate or trash. I also have some awesome finds that I will be sharing under separate posts. There a quite a few things that I can’t wait to show you. Like the ten-dollar sofa and the four-dollar side table that will now be the office sitting area.

Doing stuff in spurts and resting when I feel it’s necessary is making me feel productive and not such a lazy ass. This is my rebellion against what is going on and I know my priority is to rest! All I gots to say is, Thank goodness for FlyLady or my home would be in chaos.

With that said, I am off to do thirty minutes of timed declutter of my dresser…au revoir

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2 thoughts on “BeSt LaiD PlANs

  1. Brave lady….you always were a fighter……I believe it is also called, proactive…….

    Love you….

  2. Yay Judy mom! 🙂 Yep… sometimes the best course of action is no action at all. Gotta focus on resting and recouping. So glad you’ve got someone to help out, even a little – was so hard for me going through weeks like that and it just being me. (grateful the hubby loves me for me, not my housekeeping skills, yo… even with FlyLady things were standing still at best because even 5 minutes was too much.)

    I think there was something in the air this week – lots of us were wiped out. I know I had my own stress contributing to it, but it was a rough, weird, tiring week.


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