BaCk oN TrAcK

It was probably the most productive weekend I have had in a long time. For weeks, I have let things come to a standstill as I dealt with some personal, emotional issues. The apartment was filthy, the pets barely being looked after and things began to stack up. I somehow was able to find my re-charge button and boy did I accomplish a lot. It was started Thanksgiving weekend but I was laid low by a nasty cold. I let a couple of obligations slide so I could concentrate on getting my apartment in order, organize my daily tasks and just get my life in perspective again.

Saturday, I cleaned and re-arranged my office. And today, I spent working on my Officer items for my SCA position. I completed all the action items for both the privy and waiver duties. Did some research for my Crown outfit and worked out some things for Estrella. It is amazing how quickly things can just pile up.

I feel accomplished this weekend. I need to be able to keep this feeling going for a while and not be sidetracked again. Something to work on.

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