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My pj day


Not leaving the house unless someone is bleeding and dying


One of the lessons Fibro has taught me is listening to my body, especially when it comes to rest. My focus in life is to work my forty plus hour job and then rest. I have hired help with the ‘big’ cleaning (such as the kitchen and bathrooms), we have a gardener to take care of the yard, and all errands are ran on Saturday (or after work). Sunday, I rest. At the most, I spend it writing this blog and doing laundry.

Seems lazy to you??

I can only offer that when I don’t rest on Sunday’s, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will be out one day the following week due to extreme fatigue. Rest is as important to me as breathing. Without it, I just get sicker and have more flares. It’s as important as the yoga stretches and eating right. If I go for a visit for a weekend, Monday is taken off for a rest day.

Living with a chronic illness is learning to live your life differently. I do have to slow down, my health depends upon it.

Besides, God said it was good!


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3 thoughts on “AnD It WaS GooD!

  1. AMEN! After driving myself into the ground the last 2 weekends and not really allowing myself ANY rest, I’m paying for it. I’m still ‘functional’ but just barely.

    One thing we as a society have gotten too far away from is observing a sabbath – a day of _REST_, of no obligations, of no ‘just this one thing’ that leads to doing elbenty billion things… just embracing the stillness and learning how to be a human _being_, not a human _doing_.

    (saying this for myself because I really need to hear it… over and over and over again. 🙂

    1. I over did one weekend when I my body kept telling me to rest. I paid for it later in the week. Slowing down has been the hardest thing to learn to do. Especially, when the world rushes by you going eleventybillion miles per second.

  2. Slowing down in a speedy world is really a special challenge, especially when the brain is right there speeding along with it, but the body says “Stop”.

    I guess it’s a good sign that I’m healing: It took several weeks of the high stress and pushpushpush for my body to say enough… but it’s also taking me a full week+ to recover.

    In an odd way, I’m grateful for my body to give me the smack down. If it didn’t, I’d keep going and going and going. Since it did, it reminded me to stop.


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