Agnsty Agnst

Hello, my name is Lissy and I am a planner girl.

Over the past four years or so I have dived right into the world of paper planning. It’s a nice hobby of collecting all sorts of things for the use of planning – pens, stickers, paper, washi tape – if it can be used, I has it!

Sadly, I am finding that I have planner angst.  I define this as a “need to set-up a system of planning incessantly”.  One moment, I’m all about a traveler’s notebook, then I think I would be better suited using my Hobonichi, while I’m over here setting up another bullet journal. It’s exhausting me.  I have been a paper planner since I arrived to the corporate world many moons ago. I have even took a plain notebook and made my own.  This really shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

Even with this damn illness I am a girl with plans – somewhere. You can’t get much done if you are constantly changing it all up. It doesn’t help that I am coming into another planner season (we have two, the start of the academic year and a January start). Will I need a planner for my finances? for tracking my health? oh, but did you see that new cover that came out? All the while, my lovely plans get scrapped for a new notebook, stamp set or pen.

Ok, I do admit that I my addictive personality is adoring all the commotion I am causing. We’re going to go set up a new bullet journal in just a few. See what I mean? I offer no solution because I have yet to find one. But, I won’t stop trying until I have all the planners!!

If you are curious about what I am talking about in regards to Hobonichi, bullet journals or paper planning in general – drop me a line. I have loads of information to share.

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2 thoughts on “Agnsty Agnst

  1. #plannergirlproblems

    I think the root of it is figuring out what keeps you from being content with one, maybe two systems? Is it fear of missing out, keeping up with the Condren’s (see what I did there? 😉 something else? I mean, I loves all the planner stuffs but I get easily overwhelmed and then end up not using any of it, so for me, it’s better to just keep it simple and stick with one thing. I’ve always been super impressed with all the stuff you include in your planners and how you can keep track of it all. <3

    1. Personally, I think it has to to do with the “Oh Shiny Syndrome”. I see all the cool things that the Condren’s are doing and I want to do it too.

      Or it is a downright control issue. With a crazy ass illness with multiple aggravating side effects, I maybe having this issue because my “world” is so out of my control. Whoa – may have to buy a new planner after all that!

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