About Me

Five things you should know about me…
  1. Why is your blog called Dragonfly Keep? ~ In the middle ages a Keep was a fortified tower built within castles.  I have always felt that my home as a small safe place nestled in a crazy wild world. Also, I adore dragonflies..so I just combined the two.
  1. Who are you anyway? ~ During the day I am a mild mannered mortgage professional and night, I am a budding entrepreneur, blogger and mother to two furry kids.  I own JJDouglasPaperCo, an all about paper storefront on Etsy. I am what I call a accidental artist. I have the skills {le sigh} I am just learning to use them!
  1. What do you write about? ~ My various progress through lifes obstacles and the adventure to it brings to my life
  1. What is your goal for your blog? ~ I have hit my rock bottom both physically and emotionally, but I have discovered that Life is a Journey and we are never too old to learn something new
  1. Why should I read your blog ~ Just like me, my posts are short and sweet! My goal is to be informative, fun and all about this crazy ride we call life.
Disclaimer: At all times, I make every effort to clearly give credit where credit is due. Links to where I have found subject matter are presented. If I have misrepresented your information, please kindly write to me at dragonflykeepls@gmail.com

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