A QuIrkY mEsS

I decided to take a month off of blogging to get my life back into routine. I needed to allow my mind, body and soul to get back in sync. I was beginning to feel run-down. fatiqued and sick. I am very much a person who loves schedules, routines and lists. However, over the past few years, I have let that part of life fall to shambles because I was too caught up in survival mode. I allowed outside influences direct my life, basing my decisions on others feelings than myself. So, I am being selfish in my life right now. SELFISH! I have to love me, accept me and rebuild me right now.

This Summer started with making some very rough decisions so I did not to make any in August. I mean, I did decide to go to work and I did decide to eat dinner. I am talking about those earth shattering, turn over a new leaf kind of decisions. I don’t regret leaving behind the drama, the heartache or peoples malicious behavior. I can no longer be a part of something that just causes me to hurt. That is just not acceptable!

It has been rough the last five or so years. I have dealt with some incredible loss not only emotionally but financially as well. I guess my mid-life crisis is happening…what a wonderful adventure this in going to be. I don’t have the funds or passport to go find myself in some exotic locale or Tuscan countryside. I must find it here, in this desert! I have had a bit of a stall in this journey but I am dusting myself off once again and heading out.

So, in this vein, I am starting some new routines and re-viving some well loved routines of the past. The new one is my September Monthly Challenge. I get daily emails from a new age site call DailyOM. It has daily messages and horoscope based words of the day that sometimes hit pretty close to home. What I enjoy the most is the Daily Courses. I have participated in about ten courses thus far and have enjoyed them all. For September, I signed up for 21 Day Yoga Body. This course is awesome. While I am only on day two, I have already incorporated some small changes. There is journal work, videos and additional instruction. Revived an old routine, started turning the TV and computer off one hour prior to going to bed. Added some devotional reading (Daily Celtic Wisdom) too.

I am loving this quiet Sunday morning, reading some blogs, drinking some coffee and listening to music, tis marvelous!

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