A Quick Tip For Tracking Prescriptions

I wanted to share a little how to for tracking all those prescriptions for yourself and family.  I do this mostly because, one, I can’t spell my medications and two, I rarely know my correct dosage by memory.

I would recommend finding a suitable vessel to store your information. Having the information in a place that is easy to access makes this worth all the effort. I am using a bound notebook that has a lot of blank pages to use for storing information such as this.  This is a super easy process you can do for yourself, family and pets.

First is to gather all your latest scripts and their copious amounts of paperwork. My pharmacy provides a section that they use to track and label medications. I take one of the sticky parts that contains my name, RX number, the medication name and dosage. If this is not done for you, cut out the information you need from the paperwork that comes with your script.

Tracking Medications

Voila! Medication information right at your finger tips! Super fast life hack!

One of the most annoying things about going to the docs is filling out their paperwork (every dang year). They always want to know what you take and how much. With this information already set up in your notebook, it makes the job of completing your forms that much quicker.

I truly hope this handy tip will help you!

laters, lissy

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