a BraNd NEw YeAr

The one thing that I am learning about blogging is ~ Life happens when you are busy making other plans~! My lofty goal to re-organize my life has been sidelined by work and adjusting to adding my BFF to my home life. The good thing is that it sets new priorities and having my BFF here has made me realize that I need adjust my plans which is actually a benefit that I didn’t even see.

Case in point, the morning coffee.

I have a Keurig, which works perfectly for me. I enjoy flavored coffee and with my erratic schedule the Keurig is quick and convenient for me. Not so for the roomie. She enjoys the taste of the good black java, specially blended for her by her hubs. This was not working out since she had to use the K-cup twice just to be able to her mug filled and ready to go in the morning. Not a time saver…in any way! So we created the coffee station. Brilliant!

I held onto a 10cup coffee maker for a very specifc reason…having guests. So we took the vintage serving cart and loaded up the top with both machines. The BFF can now program her brew to be ready, just with the amount she needs for the morning. I rearranged the glass ware and shifted the coffee cups to the cart. Way to repurpose!

I didn’t have a chance to add some before photos, but here are the after!


It’s a start in the right direction and it really works out well.

au revoir!

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3 thoughts on “a BraNd NEw YeAr

  1. I LOVE being here with you and learning so much about each other. We’ve been BFF’s forever it seem and already, after only one week, there’s things I’m learning about you that I never knew. Thanks for being so kind about the coffee…I adore our new station and the added room it provided for us in the kitchen. Can’t wait to start cooking more for you! Chicken Picatta is coming sometime next week for sure!

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