5 Simple Rules for a No Spend Challenge

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Hobbies are expensive, addicting and “OMG I JUST BOUGHT ANOTHER PLANNER!!”  My hobby for quite a few years was for a renaissance group which came with all sorts of expenses like camping equipment, fabric for clothes and fees for events.

Over the past year and a half, it’s been all about the planners or washi tape or stickers or stalking the Target dollar spot.  I’ve been to hardware stores and found things I can use in my planner!

So every once in a while, we need to give ourselves a spending break.  Many in the planner community call this a “No Spend” month.  Basically, you make a chart and ya don’t spend for thirty days! (WHAT!?)

I noticed that there aren’t any hard and fast rules for this challenge so I came up with five of my own.

The Rules

  1. Food and Shelter Only (that’s rent/mortgage, electric, gas, phone, & groceries)
  2. No Planner Related purchases. (No pens, paper, stickers, washi, ephemera, or crafty supplies)
  3. No purchased breakfast or lunches during work week (this is so I remember to make my healthy lunches and breakfast smoothies)
  4. No thrifted purchases of planner goods (clothing ok)
  5. Total amount spent during challenge must be multiplied by 7 and either tithed, saved or given to charity. (i.e. one purchase of $31.99 would be a tithe of $223.93 for me!) I figured that if I were to go on a freeze, then a consequence had to happen if I did spend.

Are you up for the challenge!?

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