My SUV Maggie is no longer in my life. I guess I already used up the extra “year” that I wanted so I could payoff debts. There was an issue with the her gushing out bucket loads of coolant. My mechanic stated he could look at it and maybe fix it. It was the maybe part of the conversation that sent me over to my local DriveTime to look at vehicles. After testing about six vehicles, I choose the 2007 Chevy Malibu. Which I nicknamed “Estrella” because my down payment equaled the amount of my spending money for my upcoming event. She is loaded with cool extras including heated seats and fuel economy calculator. Huge trunk and is zippy around town.

I am not too upset about moving up my time frame as I still get to set aside savings and freedom account monies. With my raise, I can use that to pay down my debts. So I am not too far off course.

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