The Honey Badger & The Sloth

By now, you all have been introduced to the lingo that is for us Chronics. Spoonie being the most popular. Christine M’s Spoon Theory is the basis that a lot of invisible illness suffers use for an explanation for their illness.

And then there is for mine, The Honey Badger and The Sloth.  These two encompass what I would consider to worse parts of illness. I even poke fun at it myself on my Pinterest boards My Patronus is Honey Badger and Sloth Are My Spirit Animal.  If you have no idea what I mean by Honey Badger, if offer you this link.

So what does this have to do with myalgic encephalomyelitis and fibromyalgia? Honey Badger does not like noise, traffic, shopping malls, big crowds, small crowds, tends to anxious and will bite if bothered. This is when I have had my fill of the world, explaining my illness for the billionth time (no, it doesn’t get better, ever!) or just over done and cranky.

The Sloth in me cares very little about eating when she’s in a flare, has to bribe herself on the days it hurts to get out of bed, drinks way too much soda, has to have a reminder set to remind her to take her meds, and just doesn’t wanna. The Sloth doesn’t make plans (because they will change, always) and tends to not stray too far from her habitat or her bed.

As much as I try to keep the badger and sloth happy…often they follow me around town. Or work. My co-workers have been warned.

I honestly believe having a sense of humor every once in a while about your illness is an important part of self care. I makes you aware, accountable and if need be tractable. There is so much that goes with CFS/ME and Fibro. The side effects have side effects (and that doesn’t come with the medication). There is so much to be aware of that a little humor goes a very long way.


Dear Readers, I’m taking a hiatus for three weeks in September. I am happy to report that this is the first summer I have blogged my way through in quite a while! Much love to my blogging BFF Ms. Hope and the support of family and friend.

Let’s go get ready for Fall!

made by moi using picmonkey

made by moi using picmonkey

Thrift Shop Day

I love going to my local thrift hops (they are hops cuz I have like four within my community. As much as this spending freeze is liberating…I do miss my thifting.

image by lissy using RhonnaDesigns app

image by lissy using RhonnaDesigns app


Baby Step 2 – Eh

Debt. It’s my least favorite four letter word. It’s a virus that is far worse than my chronic illness. It can keep you up at night, sick with worry and angst.

It’s not easy to dig your self out. In a world of instant coffee to instant news, we want it to go away…right now, quickly, be done and gone.  Sadly, it didn’t take me over night to get into debt so guess what? it’s going to take a bit to get out of it.

I’m just about half way through a ten plan to rid myself of debt. Since discovering Dave Ramsey, I’ve been working Baby Steps 1 and 2 for what seems like an eternity.  Bright side is, each move that debt gets lower.

You gotta do the work!

Designed by Dooder -

Designed by Dooder –


Book Lovers Day

image by jixue yang via freepik

image by jixue yang via freepik

I come from a family that loves to read. My dad liked political thrillers like Tom Clancy. Mom – she loves her Louis Lamour and just about every mystery writer has a place on her shelf. Sis, Sci-Fi, mystery and JD Robb. Me…romance novels. I totally blame it on my favorite book of all time, Jane Eyre.  I’m enjoying my umpteenth read of this book by Charlotte Bronte this month. I am part of an online book club I was introduced to by my friend Ms. M.

What’s your favorite book of all time!?

Baby Step 1

When I wrote my Gathering Acorns post, I had just started using the Acorns app for future use down road for investments. However, I changed my mind. (I’m a woman, it’s what I do). Instead, I am using it as a way to grow my Emergency Fund to $1k. I am 1/3rd the way there…and I haven’t touched it! I’m actually very happy about this. Growing money ain’t easy!

image by renate kallock @ freepik

image by renate kallock @ freepik



Is it cold in Here?

Are you ready? Today starts the Spending Freeze challenge!!! Meals are prepped, all income for pay periods are accounted for and my cash flow is to zero. Let’s get this party started!

Just a quick reminder, follow me on Twitter for some daily commenting on this journey, plus there will be an upcoming YouTube video reviewing how I’m doing on my first ten days of the freeze.

We. Can. Do. This.

#DFKFreeze2016 #31dayslwsz

#DFKFreeze2016 #31dayslwsz

My Do’s and Don’t for This Month

Do –

  1. Cash Flow Budget Loaded into Everydollar
  2. Since I am not participating with the “Eat Only From Your Pantry”, I will be menu planning my breakfast and lunches. Due to my family situation, groceries are part of my cash flow and I do not consider that spending, it’s a budgeted item
  3. Consider this a game, the goal is to save at least $100 to add to my emergency fund.
  4. Have fun.
  5. Use what you got.


  1. Don’t give in to deprivation thinking. This will make you spend.
  2. If you are stressed, go for a walk
  3. You can shop, you just can’t spend.
  4. Keep a daily log if you need to see what you may have spent that day.
  5. Don’t use sink funds to pay other items.

Here we go!