10 Things I’m Not Doing

  1. I eat like teenager…junk food junkie, elite status level.
  2. I rarely take my vitamins.
  3. If I am in pain, I don’t eat.
  4. Exercise is not my patronus, the honey badger is.
  5. I drink too much soda and coffee .
  6. I eat gluten and it makes me sick.
  7. I push myself when I should be resting.
  8. I am resting when I should be pushing myself.
  9. I am a major stress ball.
  10. I’m not actively participating in my wellness.
Hmmm, looks like I have some new goals to work on.

I Don’t Need Another Planner

I just needed a better system.
I’ve always used a planner. I’m my mothers organizational masterpiece. (No lie, but I sometimes lose my keys!). I’ve been in the midst of the planner community for about three years & I have never owned some many Filofaxes-Midori-Hobonichi like items in my life. Srsly, one of each! (uh..or more) It’s too much! I am constantly moving my stuff, writing & rewriting my tasks too many times to speak of.
Overwhelmed is not my favorite feeling!
Alas, there is hope for this planner girl. For productivity, I do use two systems. First is the “Getting Stuff Done” method from David Allen. Here’s a link to a YouTube vid that gives a bit of a back ground by Boho Berry.  This system is perfect of those project oriented items in your life. And David Allen advocates my favorite life strategy…get it out of your brain and onto paper. Whether through brainstorming or journaling…get it out of your head.
Second, there is Kanban. A Japanese productivity exercise that helps visualize what you need to get done, what is in process and what is finished. Watch the link for some background on this unique system.
So how do I do all this planning while dealing with a full time job, a blogging side-hustle and chronic illness…well, that’s a post for another day!
photo by yours truly
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The Bane of My Life

I swear there are days that I want to get one of those huge ass dumpster hauler things and throw everything I own into it.  UGH! My closet, it tortures me daily.
I have enough stuff to sustain all of my addictions (paper crafting, it’s an addiction!) for the next year. I have posty notes, stickers and pens aplenty but I am currently looking at a hoarder story waiting to happen.
I am not by nature a minimalist person.  I am an “oh shiny, I must have this” person. I have told you before, I shop like a drunken virgin sailor on his first shore leave. I even subscribe to people who send me more stuff. Washi tape, I got it.
I’ve been reading the weekly Tuesday column by the founder of Flow Magazine Astrid and her adventures into simplifying her life, space, and things. She is keeping it real my friends. She lives with her two sons whose lego collections are legendary and a boyfriend who has more shoes than she. I’ve enjoyed her insight into how she has to deal with “his collections” her constant need to “tidy up”.
My 52 Week List has come in handy but not as rewarding as it should be. And I am the culprit.  How many books on organizing do I really need. One or two at the most…I have eleven.  Let’s not talk about the washi tape “collection”. It’s become too much.
And having a illness on top of all the crap is taking me over the edge.
There are so many tips on de-cluttering, living simply, capsulizing your wardrobe, folding clothes that make you happy and I could go on but I would need a nap. Here’s the thing: I need to STOP! LIMIT! USE WHAT YA GOT! and KEEP CALM!
STOP! This first step is going to be the hardest. I’m going to have to stop the impulsive shopping. I shop when I am happy or sad or because I can or there’s a 50% coupon. It’s my addiction… and yes, there is a group for that.
LIMIT! At the beginning of the this past new year I was up to five online subscriptions with different paper companies. I finally made it down to two this past month. So, if new washi tape comes into the house, three I don’t use should be donated. (hehe, right?)
USE WHAT YA GOT! This has to be my new motto. Lissy, you really don’t need another planner…like ever.
KEEP CALM! Have we met?
(really, I don’t need another planner!)

Pocketbook Notes for May 15th

Lots of fun stuff to delve into today, so go grab a chai latte and enjoy!!

(you can grab coffee too, it won’t tell it’s your third cup this morning)

I adore stamps! I adore planners! This lovely post shows how using stamps in our planners is affordable and fun.

Huge list of toxic plants to keep away from the pups!

You may need a hankie for this uber sweet short film I found on Dog\Milk

Can I have this Design to Inspire space please?


What’s Your Niche?

It’s the buzz word that keeps this blogger up at night.  What’s your niche? I don’t know, I write a blog. I’m a reluctant creative, that is blessed mess with a chronic illness…where do I fit in?
I promised myself four years ago that this blog would not be about my illness. I didn’t want to be one of “Those” people who constantly threw up verbal vomit onto the screen about what drugs that weren’t working and what was. Or what crazy side symptom was I experiencing this month. blah. blah. blah.
Here’s a crazy fact…I’m a blogger with a chronic illness. HELLO! I know, I was as amazed as you probably are. If I wanted to be all adult and honest with myself I would totally tell you that my illness is just a part of my as my faith, family and my dog. It’s not going anywhere and neither am I.
I get lost a lot (I can’t find my ass with a map) and I end up overwhelmed with all my thoughts and directions. It wouldn’t be so bad if this blog ended up helping others with a chronic illness, right? I am certainly not a medical expert but I know I have struggles and challenges that could be shared in a sassy way that is all my own.
But I also have to ask myself, what do I want out of all this? Ultimately, by the time I’m fifty…I want to be debt free, living in a one room house in Bisbee, AZ. Or Prague…but it snows there…so I will summer in Nice. Hey, I can dream. Ok, I will bring this down to reality. My goal is to be a source of inspiration, information and haven for those who are going through illness. We have to celebrate being alive among all the pain, doctor’s appointments and insanity that chronic illness can be.
I may talk about wanting to chuck everything I own into a large dumpster and living a minimal life (stop laughing Mom). Or how I love planners (in all forms). Crazy fun days like Napping Day or Peanut Butter Sandwich day. I may talk about a study that just came out on ME/CFS or Fibromyalgia. Or throw in a YouTube on my favorite paper goods shop.  Or maybe a review of a book. A short post about how the hell to plan your life when you struggle to get out of bed each day. It’s all going to be here…it’s all about the journey my friends.
I’m open to suggestions readers. What would you like to read about?

Unbirthday Party

This year, I am done celebrating my age in its chronological order. It’s no lie when I tell you that I recently had to use a calculator because I couldn’t remember off the top of my head how old I was. Even worse, dates and events are getting jumbled together as well.  Even my post about my dog’s Gotcha Day .

I have a fascination with stories, images and fairy-tales that I associate with Chronic Illness.  The first being Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  When you have an illness that can’t seem to fit into a logical format for the doctor, you become Alice.  Take this pill. Drink this. Eat. Don’t eat. All the while you are looking for the key to it all, but down a rabbit hole we go instead.

Thus, I usher in Unbirthday. (my sister started her Unbirthday celebration’s last year) And yes, my family and I will have a tea party with rose red cupcakes! I’ve decorated all of my calendars with every Alice In Wonderland themed stationery I can find.

However, my hero of the story is the Red Queen. There days when dealing with others & doctor’s makes me just wanna say “Off with their heads”. and well, she’s a bad ass red head too!

A Very Merry Happy Unbirthday to You!!

Financially Fit Sassy Pants

One more year to go on my la faillite, (google it) which means I better have some strong foundations built now to survive the onslaught of solvency.  There are traps and pot holes waiting me out there! I get a “buy a car with us” mailer at least every two weeks and even a couple of credit card applications – SAY NO TO DEBT!

I took a day to restructure my Cash Flow according to the suggestions from Dave Ramsey  I budgeted to zero and by July all my sink funds (car maintenance, etc) will be funded to date. I started out the year with five craft subscriptions and now I am down to two. Future purchases over $50 have a set budget and I’ve set two Sink Funds for car registration and road side assistance. (Home Girl don’t change tires, #sorrynotsorry).

Let me tell you what an emotional tidal wave of anxiety this created. Oy! You would have thought I was cutting off my fingers, one by one. I did walk away from the figures for about a week and realized, it ain’t as bad as I think. My bills are being paid. I am very blessed to be able to do that. Not so very long ago, I was stretching to the max and now I have a room to breathe. It’s like when you lose weight and put on a pair a pants that would cut off your circulation and now find you can breathe with comfort.

The Emergency fund is growing too, thanks to my many acorns.

My next hurdle it to pay off one last medical bill and prepare to pay taxes and student loans this time next year.


Pocketbook Notes

Do you carry around a memo book, a note book that list out the things you want to read about later? I do, I have a digital version and a collection of things that I want to read up on or just find interesting.  Thus, I give you…Pocketbook Notes.  Yay! Right?

Each Sunday I will bring you three to four posts that have caught my eye over the week…enjoy the reads my friends

Thursday is Cinco de Drinko, umm Mayo….here’s a fun taquitos & margaritas recipe.

Some questions you should be asking yourself when you decide to declutter.

Let me just tell you how jelly I am with this girls impending move to Prague but until then I can at least live it through her eyes!

and finally, something fun for the whole family…a fairy house!

Enjoy the links!