Health Statement

The first quarter of this year started out pretty rough health wise but I happy it was. I ended up with the flu but it really shed a lot of light into my current self-care plans and shifted my overall perspective on my state of health.

I am now able to differentiate between my metrics for fatigue and metrics for pain. My app, My Pain Journal, is keeping track of all of it. I could probably have tracked this in my planner. However, I tried and ended up confusing the hell out of myself.  Especially on the days I’m just happy to make it out of bed.

Now, if I would just remember to take my vitamins!

Yes, I know, they have an app for that.

This next quarter, I am keeping a food journal to see how my food affects me. I am still reducing my gluten intake and believe me, my body tells me when I have too much. Water and vitamins are also on that tracker. (I just keep forgetting them).

Changing my food and being aware (there’s that accountability thing again) of what I eat will be a fascinating challenge for myself.





Is it just the “it” phrase of 2016?



Self-care is the care you give yourself without the consult of a medical professional.  WHAT?  Does your doctor really take the time and effort to manage your illness? Do you search the interwebs, looking for everything about your illness, check out books from the library on aromatherapy, start journaling, take Epsom salt baths, change your eating habits, drink more water, track your symptoms??  These are all the things that can encompass self-care.

In an article {that I failed to write down and thus give you a link} broke down the act of self-care into five categories; as I paraphrase here…body, mind, spirit, life and social.

I began my self-care journey as a supplement to my doctor’s prescribed medications. It has been a very slow process.  However, with me catching the flu this year, my perspective of my illness has changed. Yes, my flu opened my eyes to better self-care and pain management.

My first step was tracking my illness.  I use an app called My Pain Diary I found on the iPhone app store. The first initial price tag was a shocker but the app has paid for it’s self over time.  I am able to add metrics and record my levels without all sorts of endless spreadsheets and such.

The next step was my food journal. I have not been diagnosed with any allergies to wheat products but I know from my own life experience that it is a huge factor in my daily well-being. This log allows me to be more aware (there I go being vague again) of what I am eating. Oh, and my DrinkUr64…why does water have to be so damn hard to drink?

So there still areas I need to tackle, like the spiritual, mental and life parts…but dude, one step at a time.

What will I work on next…exercise? ha

Oh, by the way, today is National Pajama Day…go get comfy!


The Queen of Vague

Remember this Happy New Year – #OLW? My great word for 2016? Hmm, well. I suck at it. I do. I could not measure any Responsibility, Answerability, Trustworthiness at this moment. Liability – which I mentioned in “Financial Maintenance” is even a bear.

I will admit, I always bite off more than I can chew. Heck, I haven’t touch my journaling with One Little Word since January.

So what is my deal?

Other than the Chronic Illness thing that eats up all my sick & vacation time…I’m being vague.  Defined as indefinite or indistinct in nature or character. As much as I would love to blame this on my illness. I can’t. I failed to plan, re-act and decide accordingly.

During the week of March 21st – April 2nd, I kept a logbook (an idea from Dee at DecadeThirty). I accounted for each moment of these days. I included time spent surfing the net (not for business purposes, playing on my phone (DAMN YOU INSTAGRAM) and any periods I had to do with rest.  Wowzers! I am not only vague but a huge ass time waster!

Photo by Author

Photo by Author

As with anything in life, changes take time, practice and dedication. I now have a weekly update that allows me to review what I have accomplished, track my goals on a more consistent basis and leaving me with a more peaceful feeling.

What do you do when life becomes a bit vague?

Financial Maintenance

Mr. Chan

Mr. Chan

Each quarter of the year I take my little gold piggy to the market, where I deposit his insides into a coin machine. I generally request a gift certificate for Amazon since it allows me to have the whole proceeds (if you choose cash, it take almost 10%).  The most I have received is about $30 but lately it’s around $20.

It’s the first quarter review here at the Keep. I have lots of things to work on and my accountability is lacking substantial evidence of being responsible and trust-worthy.  More coming on that in an upcoming post.

So for this quarter, I will be re-working my budget based on Dave Ramsey’s worksheets, with a review of my cash envelopes, sink funds and improving my emergency savings strategy.

Ugh, Financial maintenance is a drag man.