It’s your Gotcha Day

Not so very long ago, I was rescued by this adorable fluff-ball that I named Hermione. My little girl has turned out to be a guardian from falling leaves, she does a daily run of the grounds to rid us of intruding baby Godzilla’s and will forever be cemented in my heart.

Today I celebrate her 4th year with me!  Happy Gotcha Day Hermione!!


Spring Cleaning for Chronics

I joke that I live a sloth life but I’m not lazy, my pace is just slower than most.  I have to maintain not only a full-time job, my health, my spiritual growth, my financial wellness and my well-being…but my mess has to be cleaned too.

So, how the heck am I supposed to Spring Clean with a chronic illness?  Answer: I don’t. Gone are the weeks spent cleaning my place top to bottom.  Instead I came up with my own personalized list of 52 areas in my space the need to be purged, cleaned, re-distributed, given away or just plain trashed.

This gives me one area a week for the whole year to NOT STRESS over something beyond my control. I must add that I am at a point with my health that I have mobility and can do most tasks (except for heavy lifting) with a timer set and done in chunks. If you are not at that place, I suggest reaching out to your local community center or religious center for some help.  Or off-spring can help too…right Moms?

Write it down, take your time (photo by author)

Write it down, take your time (photo by author)

I hope this gives you some helpful ideas to keep on top of your home. My mantra, things will get done…eventually.


Gathering Acorns

Though I haven’t truly mastered the Seven Baby Steps of Dave Ramey’s Financial Peace , I felt the need to start a rather small investment. I personally don’t utilize company based 401(k)’s as I’ve seen too many family and friends lose thousands they put into this strategy only to lose it or be told they can’t use it.
I think we all know by now, a financial guru of spending thrifty I am not. I am a certified shopaholic {and yes, there is a group for that}. However, I came across a financial app that intrigued me.
It is called Acorns. It links to a checking account and gathers the change from you purchases and then in turn into diversified investments. Here’s a snippet from the Acorns Support page.
I also wanted to include this web article so you could review for yourself the pros & cons on this investment.
I decided to go with this as I am not a Saver. If I have a dollar, I will spend it. I wanted a way of getting started that did not allow me instant access to my money.  My Emergency Savings is not an investment, it’s for emergencies.  When I get to the third baby step per the Financial Peace Seven Steps, I want to have a bit stuck away. Call it my back up baby step.
Check out the sites and give me your feedback.
My Just-so-you-know disclaimer: The links in my post may contain affiliate links to help to find products. If you discovered an item through my posts that you would like to purchase, please support me and my efforts. They do not cost you anything additional and they help support me!


Well, if you are reading this, you may not have participated in Unplugging Day. As a blogger, you might think this would be the worse thing I could do but it’s not.  I pledged to turn off the phone, TV, computer for 24 hours.

Since work is not participating yet again this year (hehe), I’m going for 9pm Friday to 9pm Saturday.

For a bit more history check this out –> National Day of Unplugging

I will comment when the challenge is over to let you know how many hours I made it!!