There’s this toolbox that everyone has, it’s called a brain. Stored in there are the tools we have accumulated over the years by either education, self-study or lectures to cure, help or fix what we have broken.

So, someone tell me why it’s so damn hard to make changes. Ugh!

This years focus on goals are in five areas. These being Faith, finances, health, blogging & travel. I started with some great notes and ::poof:: totally forgot to write down monthly sub goals to get me to my ultimate goal.

This really shouldn’t be this hard people.

If I want changes, I have to change…that is just so adult.

I thought I would take each month’s health update and let you know how I am doing with my health changes.  For February, I will be working on removing gluten from my food.  This is already a work in progress but I have very, very lax in this area of my health.

made on picmoneky

made on picmoneky

What do you want to improve on in 2016? Share & comment below

k, kisses, I love ya, buh-bye



Mulder. Scully?

Oh my 90’s has returned! I conspiracy heart is all  pitter-patter over this epic return to TV {everything is a conspiracy, trust me}. I don’t care if it’s just a tease with only six episodes to watch.
The truth is out there

One Baby Step

I generally keep my goals to myself but this year I decided that being stupid with my money has to stop. I already know from my own life experience that I can not be trusted with a credit card. I see shopping sprees, and not the end result of paying it off.
Hey, my addiction is shopping. For others it could be books or makeup. It’s ongoing, chronic and has to be managed with as much care as my health.
So I was lucky enough to find Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited“> at a thrift shop. The book has been read {several times}, my budget tightened and allocated to the penny. Debts are up to date and now its time to build something.
Seven Baby Steps

Seven Baby Steps

The Emergency Fund! 1,000 dollars in my savings by 12/31/16. How am I going to do this? Well, here’s five ways I gave come up with….
  1. Automate the deposits – savings automatically goes into account without you even touching it! Take your goal, divide by # of pay periods & voila, insta-savings!
  2. If that doesn’t fit the budget, try the 52 Week Savings Challenge {google it, there are loads of free printables out there. Even broken down to biweekly, bimonthly & weekly for your pay situation}
  3. Excess from Cash envelopes say my budget is $30 for my gas and I spent $17 filling up my tank. I can save the excess but transferring the $13 to the ES Fund
  4. Coupon Savings – I wish I was one of the mega coupon shoppers but even if I come in $5 dollars under budget, the savings can go towards my fund
  5. No Spend Month – if you spend in your No Spend Month, times the total balance spent by seven put it in to your fund
Lastly, make a covenant with yourself defining what is an emergency. For me, its automobile and health emergencies that allows me to touch this fund. They can be the most expensive bills to have.
I will keep you posted on the first Monday of every month on how my ES fund is growing!!!
Loveya, kisses, byebye
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Happy New Year

Seriously, five minutes ago it was Halloween!
Welcome 2016!

It’s a gonna be a great year.

Among the online community of instagrammers and bloggers, there is a challenge called One Little Word. This word can be something you would like to improve about yourself, say like Faith. Or maybe it’s an aspect about yourself that you need work on.
For 2015 my word was Enough. I am enough, I have enough, and so on. I spent the latter portion of the year thinking of my word. I picked out five possible words and blindly picked Accountability out of my choices.
I took out the old dusty book called a dictionary (book, the things with paper stuck between two heavy pieces of board) and broke down what Accountability will mean for me in 2016
  1. Responsibility: duty bound by course of action. If you say your going to do it Lissy, be duty bound to finish it.
  2. Answerability: being called to account. For me, this is about Faith. To be answerable to my actions.
  3. Trustworthiness: Worthy of trust and confidence.  You secrets are safe with me, I tend to forget things.
  4. Liability: Legally bound to a debt of obligation.  Yet another lesson to learn.
Now, my mission in 2016 is to work on the Accountability of my life, faith, finances and so much more.
So, I’m putting you on the spot! What word would you choose?
Loveya, kisses, byebye