Up For a Challenge?


Forget No Spend Month….it ends up being a challenge of “how much did I spend?” Month instead of a true No Spend. Truthfully, I love getting packages in the mail and to my dismay, I recently found Blitzy (don’t go there, or you’ll call me an enabler!)

I decided to shop at this awesome place called My Stash…it’s literally seconds from my desk…yep, it’s Use What Ya Got Month here at the Keep. I honestly have enough stickers, washi tape, stamps, and pens to supply at small nation (ok, a very small nation). Each day of August I will be posting a photo of a planner page or item I made using the items I already own. Caveat: I am still getting my Happie Scrappie & Cocoa Daisy items but they will not be included into my stash until September.

This is how you will know if I used what I own, it will have this convenient hashtag in the description #usewhatyougotaugust2015

You may also want to check out the YouTube from Raven Ink on the Suffocation of Stuff http://youtu.be/6bCNvMh4xMU

Search for @dragonflykeep on Instagram, it will link you up to my photo stream.

Not a sponsored post
This is not a sponsored post and all items mentioned were purchased or are through a subscription purchase.  Links provided are to help you find the product. They do not cost you additional and they help support my ass.

OMG! Is It Winter Yet?

As much as I would love to complain about the state of my health…this is not the forum to do so. Not only does it bring me down but who really wants to read your blabber on your complaints. I know I don’t, I skip that shite and move on.

This month has been rough though. A horrid flare and the firing of my rheumatologist. Kinda happy I got my meds prior to sacking his ass. Why did I dump him? Apparently, you can’t be doing well on a Friday and then have a flare on Sunday…srsly? And you treat peeps for Fibro?

Anyway, this got me thinking on what I haven’t been doing to keep my health in check. I have been so vague about it lately that it’s beginning to show. My copious amount of online spending has gone up, I’m eating like a teenager and I srsly can’t tell you when the last time I drank a full glass of water (as I sip my morning coffee).

Taking care of my chronic illness is a fulltime business. It goes right up there with writing my blog posts, filming my YouTube videos and working forty hours a week. It has to take its place in my planning and if I have too (and I will), I’ll make my own damn insert to help focus on my daily health (tongue in cheek, and not Mrs. Monkey, I won’t buy another planner…maybe).

There are days that I feel that one more thing is going to break me…then I take a nap and wake up and do it anyway.



My Favorite Planner {this month}

Over the past couple of years I have been apart of a wonderful Instagram community of Planner Fanatics…uh, addicts, I mean…collectors, yes, collectors.  Ok, let me begin by saying what a Planner -Girl -Nerd -Addict is.  It is a person that enjoys to the use of paper planning either in a minimalistic or super glam way.  These said persons will stop at every discount store, Target, dollar store and craft store for stickymemos and washi tape.

I am one of those people! I have thousands of yards of washi tape, a rather small collection of Filofax’s, a Kikki-k, an Erin Condren, The Happy Planner by MeandMyBigIdeas, Midori’s Travelers Notebook and a couple of Hobonichi’s.  Do I use them all? Well, one is for home, another I carry around and one is social media…truth, I’m Lissy and I am a planner addict.  

Along with this addiction is a growing group of entrepreneurs that sell binders, stickers, dash-boards, paperclips…srsly, if it can go in a planner…I’m sure to find someone to make it. 

So here is my layout for July in my hobonichi Avec…it’s my planner for the month.  It’s part of a challenge to have your life all in one system. The basics, one pen and one book.  It’s taught me that I need two working planners in order to have a system that works for my needs. I honestly thought I would not make it through the month just using one planner but this little guy has proven me wrong.

It’s decorated with stamps from MommeyLhey’s collections…so much fun


Shake Your Money Tree

Habits. Either I working on creating new ones, or deleting old ones. It’s a never ending train ride to disappointment for me. I’m good for the first seven to ten days…then I’m done. I’ve either lost interest, had a bump in my road {aka sick or such} or its “too hard” {be sure to read that last part in a classic childish whine!}

What if you had to change your habits to save yourself, your family or your home? I’ve been brought up with the core teachings of “first things first”. Which means anything that keeps you alive & in a home gets paid first ~ rent, utilities, food. After that, obligations to others {debts, pets & such} get paid and if there is anything left over…it’s FUN money!

I have $4 in my emergency savings, by the end of this month I will have $40. With using the 52 Week Savings Challenge, (check online, there are quite a few printables). I should have $253.00 in emergency savings!! Using Dave Ramsey as a reference, this is the first baby step, $1000 in savings! It could be used to help move me, medical procedures or bailing my bff out of jail! {It could happen}

Here’s where I’ve messed up with my emergency savings….debit card. Access to instant money when the good ole slush fund is dried up! That card, it’s been destroyed, and the number removed from my online shopping accounts like PayPal and Amazon. I’ve set up the account to be transferable to a local bank account for those “emergencies” should they arrive. It may take a couple of days so it better be a real emergency.

I need leaves on my money tree, ya know!

Pssst…all done

So what do you think of my bright new changes???!!  I hope you find it less fussy and cluttered as I do. There are some many changes and updates that have to happen but I am glad it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I worked on the YouTube channel so everything is matchy-matchy.  Also, the Facebook page received an update as well…whew! A bloggers work is never done.  If there is something not working or you have any suggestions, please leave your comments.

OMG! I almost forgot…check this out! I have been picked to be a part of the Design Team for MommyLhey stamps. Take a moment and check it out!  I’ll be posting projects and the such here and as well as Instagram, so be sure to subscribe!


Check it all out at http://mommylheydesigns.com/meet-our-designer-team/

Check it all out at http://mommylheydesigns.com/meet-our-designer-team/

Under Construction…again


It’s summer-ish here and my blogaversary is not far off. I’m working on cleaning up my site, building my brand and working on some new content for you all.

See you once again July 4th weekend


Earth Day Pledge

Have I ever told you I’m a Taurus? Not that it should matter in the long run, but us bullheaded bundle of stubbornness love the good life. We love good food {I do love good food, especially when someone else cooks it!}, fine living and most of all – spending money.
Money is my drug of choice. As I have told you in the past, I spend faster than Superman can scale a tall building. I’ve tried spending freezes, no spends, allotments and every trick I can think of. It’s still an addiction that I deal with daily. What to do? What to do?
So, what does this have to do with Earth Day? Thanks for asking. Well, I am kicking off my “#use what ya got 2015” agenda. I’m going to have to attack my spending habits for my hobby {planners & paper crafting} in a big way.
The loverly picture below as a representation of the “I have to have it’s” and “my planner made me buy” that I just need to go through, get organized, de-stashed and donated. My pledge this earth day is to use what I have, frankly…I do have enough…for everyone!!
What is your pledge this Earth Day??
What a mess!!

What a mess!!

Spring Fling

Spring Fling 2015

Rhonna Designs App

I’ve got that feeling again. I’ve been at my home for bout two and a half years and I feel the need to re-arrange & spruce up my space.

Years ago, this would have been a weekend project. I’d start after work on a Friday and work my tail feathers off and have it all set & done by Sunday.

With a chronic illness, those days are over! It’s true that all your energy can be spent taking a shower. So how am I to accomplish such a huge mountain of tasks?? I just fifteen minutes a day!

First, let me tell you that none of this would be accomplished without me first knowing my limits. Secondly, if you haven’t been exercising, start! The energy you will need to take on your project is going to be a huge help. And lastly, ask for help when you need it.

I began with a mind mapping/brain storming or as some like to say “plans for success on a cocktail napkin”. I mapped out what I wanted to move, remove, donate and purchase. I then had a general idea of what needed to be done.

Since the balcony is the easiest of my projects I will start with that. Task: power wash deck. Purchase: two patio umbrellas. Planning out these individual items may seem a bit overboard but look at it this way. You can either do yourself harm by doing it all at once or bit by bit.

This brings me to my biggest change yet. Time. With my task list all set, I gave myself a six week time-frame to complete my spring fling, with included a master bathroom, creating a capsule wardrobe, de-clutter a craft space & rearrange furniture in the bedroom. Along with my list I gave myself 15 to 30 minutes a day to complete one task. Today’s example is finishing up the wardrobe with items I think are maybes & shoes. {for more info on how to create a capsule wardrobe check out un-fancy.com}

Timer is set, off I go.

I know how hard it is to stay motivated and active when we hurt and literally can’t move but staying stagnant isn’t my life plan. I did overdo and did too much on a rest day and it cost me in the long run. For me, the learning process of “I’ve got to do this now” has to become “I can do this bit by bit, day by day”

Hope these tips help you in any large task you need to accomplish. Just remember, plan it out, give it time & set your limit.

Piggy Goes to the Market

Yep, we made our way to the coin counter to get our quarterly bonus.  This time we totaled $23.06!!  Not bad, little lower than last quarter.  I once again used the coins to get credit with Amazon. Not sure what I what I am going to get…might hang onto it for a bit…yeah, sure, ok.

photosource: Lissy Stobaugh

photosource: Lissy Stobaugh