PlAnnEr AddIctioN

Last month I participated in A Bowl Full of Lemons Planner Addicts Photo Challenge. You can check my other photos on Instagram (see button on side)  My Personal Size Filofax is a Swift that I have called Birdie and my daily expenses filofax is Pocket sized and named Flower! Hope you enjoy the pics!!

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ThE HomEsTeaD SurvIVal

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that it never, ever hurts to be prepared. In my search of how to can, save water and keep away Zombies I stumbled upon The Homestead Survival website. They are a great source for just about everything. Whether it is on great preparedness, making delish cinnamon rolls or canning recipes for years gone by, they are a great resource.

The Homestead Survival

ThAt TimE oF ThE YeaR

I love this part of the year.  October through January…it’s decorate, decorate, decorate!!  I am planning a few little things for the holiday’s but no final plans as of yet.

What do you think of a Silver and Red Christmas?? Doesn’t that sound so spectacular??

Well, not to worry too much about that now. I will love having my Halloween items out and this year we took over mom’s baby grand piano!

Whatcha think??

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

SpOOn GeEks

This months update is not an update at all….instead it is an introduction to a collaboration I am doing with my best friend and her husband.  It is called Spoon Geeks! Each week we bring a YouTube (see our Channel below) videos reviewing chronic illness, geeky fun and as much information we can find. The first and third Monday’s (Motivational Monday’s) are from SGN – it is a male perspective on all thing male related with dealing with a chronic illness.  The first & third Thursday are Thyroid Thursday with SGS – a journey through hyperthyroidism. Then on the second and fourth Friday it’s me {SGL} with Frainbogged Friday’s where I will share my journey with Fibromyalgia.  Please do visit our sites and gives us a like or two!!

Facebook –

YouTube – SpoonGeeks

Website –


LAp DeSk RePurPOse

I’ve been needing a nice lab desk for some while. I have had a tiny one for what an eternity but due to its small size, letter writing and blogging wasn’t working for me.  I found a really cool one at Barnes & Noble but for $16.99, I left it alone and kept looking.

Barnes & Noble Johnathan Adler Meadow Mosaic


Low and behold the purple lap desk! It was barely used and $2.99 at GW. (plus the usual 20% discount because even I use coupons at Thrift Stores!)  The B&N one was decorative…and I had leftover decals….so it was to boring to awesome for less that five bucks!!

PicMonkey Collage

Go me!