TiS da SeASon!

I love the weekend after Thanksgiving! My home is in disarray with boxes of Christmas decorations! It’s when the Christmas dishes replace the everyday dishes and all the memories of Christmas past are lovingly displayed. I am half way through my shopping (waiting for Cyber Monday to hit) and am so ready for my second favorite holiday of the year! (My other favorite holiday is my birthday…I like to celebrate any day you give me presents as a holiday!)

The Christmas tree theme this year is Homemade Christmas. We will only be adding ornaments made by us (ok, made by my sister) and maybe a few hand-made ones we have found over the years. My loft will be black & silver for the bedroom area with red & silver in the master bath!

Oh and Santa, I can explain…EVERYTHING!!!

Photo Courtesy of freestockphotos.biz

Photo Courtesy of freestockphotos.biz

EaT RigHT!

I am the poster child for drive-thru gourmet. I’d rather order out than cook. So, with that constant struggle, I have taken on the most arduous task in my life…learning to cook. I do cook. I can make a pretty decent dinner and my St. Pat’s Day meal is amazing. Sadly, I find no joy in it. My joy comes from organizing, paper-crafting and shopping.

As part of my journey in chronic illness, I have learned that healthy eating is the best combatant against many of my symptoms. I was amazed how much eating grains affected my IBS and how much it affected my symptoms in general. It was so discouraging to me that I had gained a majority of my weight back when I was dealing with my illness. It added to the aches & pains, depression and it pissed me off!  I had worked so hard with the running that to gain it all back (plus some) was sad.

I was told about the Paleo lifestyle (it has so many names and diagrams, google it & pick what works for you). Think meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and no grains or milks.  I hit my highest (160ish) and felt like a roly poly anger ball. In April of this year, friends and I did a Whole30 Challenge. I think I lasted a good two weeks (not bad for my first try). But the most amazing thing happened…I FRACKIN LOST WEIGHT! Yep, as of today I am under 150 and have twelve more pounds to go to my ultimate goal of 135.

It’s not just weight loss (though, it was important to me) it was learning to change my habits. I do love my hamburgers (I get it protein style – wrapped in lettuce). I make an effort to eat at least two meals per day Paleo style so if I mess up and have some grains…it’s just one meal.

I wish I could say that I am 100% Paleo, but I am not. I am me. I love Oreo’s and ice cream. You can try to take those away from me but I do know how to hit peeps with a club!

Have a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Photo Courtesy of fitbomb.com

Photo Courtesy of fitbomb.com



I don’t mean to brag but…I AM THE DAMN BEST THRIFTER IN THE WORLD! I’d venture to say that each of us thrifters have a Holy Grail of sorts. Like finding a long-lost Van Gogh among the poorly kept picture frames.  Well, I had one.  Yes, had…CUZ I FOUND IT! Over the last few months I have purchased a couple of Filofax’s for my ever-growing planner obsession addiction, er, supply. I wanted to be one of those lucky ones that I kept reading on my support group, um, planner group page that found a dusty old planner at their thrift shop.

Well, I did it. I was at my local GW (aka Goodwill for those not in the know) and was digging around the office supply area. I truly mean, digging, and I caught a glimpse of a reddish binder….and then I saw the spine…and that all to familiar Filofax emblem…ZOMG!

I could not believe it! There is was! In my hands for $1.99! (less the usual 20% cuz I don’t pay full price at the thrift store). She is a bit worn around the edges (who isn’t these days) and she is mine.

It is a Cherry Personal size Classic edition. On the US Filofax fax website the retail is around $110.00 (yes, that is correct).

A: Photo showing the awesome price of $1.99

B: Photo showing logo and edition of Filofax

C: Since it had zero inserts, I used the Barnes & Noble Puncuate inserts (it comes with credit card holders & zipper pouch) and made the flyleaf with transparency film (also a GW find) and a piece of scrapbook paper for the cover

D: When I first got her home, I named her Scarlet but I found the dice charm at Joann’s and decided to name her Lucky (to remind myself how lucky I was to find her!)

PicMonkey Collage112113


PlAnnEr AddIctioN

Last month I participated in A Bowl Full of Lemons Planner Addicts Photo Challenge. You can check my other photos on Instagram (see button on side)  My Personal Size Filofax is a Swift that I have called Birdie and my daily expenses filofax is Pocket sized and named Flower! Hope you enjoy the pics!!

  • Cover
  • Where I plan
  • Orange
  • Divider
  • Planner Case
  • Around Town
  • DIY
  • Festive
  • Dashboard
  • Menu Planning
  • Bookmark
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Holiday Planning
  • In Your Bag
  • Planner Collection
  • To Do List/Checklist
  • Spooky
  • Creative
  • With Your Drink/Pretty In Pink/Pen Loop
  • Washi Tape in Use
  • In Your Car
  • Where it Lives
  • Quote
  • Stickers
  • Birthday
  • Supplies
  • Polka Dots
  • Pens
  • Happy Halloween

ThE HomEsTeaD SurvIVal

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that it never, ever hurts to be prepared. In my search of how to can, save water and keep away Zombies I stumbled upon The Homestead Survival website. They are a great source for just about everything. Whether it is on great preparedness, making delish cinnamon rolls or canning recipes for years gone by, they are a great resource.

The Homestead Survival