oh LofT, my LofT

Fall. It’s kinda here (as much as Arizonians can call Fall). The days are getting shorter and the weather is finally below a billion degrees! It’s my nesting time. It’s time to decorate people!!

My portion of what I call Redwood Homestead is the master bed & bath and upstairs balcony.  Since it stores everything but the kitchen sink, I have named it “The Loft”.  I feel that it’s time to upgrade, re-do or re-organize the space. So guess what!? At the end of each month (hopefully) I will give you a before and after of my latest works on the loft. First up will be the patio…

Now to decide if I want a vintage industrial vibe.or a boho vibe??

or an eclectic vibe??

Source: Q Home Decor


Oh HeAven’S

There are days when thirifting when the shopping heaven’s open up and rain down on you a prized find. On a recent shopping trip with my SoulSister and her hubby, I was lucky enough to find a vintage suit case! Let me tell you, there was a little happy dance of glee for this find. Especially after I snagged it from someone who had just put it down and walked away!! ha! mine!!


I chOOse To…

This month will usher in the first year of my diagnosis. My most recent doctors visit reveals that the small changes I’ve been making are keeping me in tolerable pain levels and keeping me functional. This is good news indeed!  There is such an improvement from where I was last year in regards to my pain and fatigue {it’s still here, it just doesn’t visit as often} to now. I am encouraged beyond belief!

I had an opportunity to look a many of the chats and articles presented during the invisible illness week. So much information that it boggles my mind to write it all down for you. I encourage you to visit the site and see for yourself.  But as promised, I have given some thought of what I choose to do about invisible illness….



Next month, I will introduce to a collaboration between myself and two others that will do just that…educate others! So excited! If you want a sneak peek, check us out here



WiLL WoOf for CoLd BeErs!

My dog is my stunt liver….I’M KIDDING!

Each month Hermione gets a box in the mail from BarkBox…spoiled damn dog! Thus far, the best box was for Summer (July I think).  It contained beer…for dogs. It was such a hit here at the Keep.  Awesome to learn too that it is made locally in my own state of Arizona. Hermione says she likes it better than Whiskey…WHAT?

Source: www.bowserbeer.com

PeRsoNal PlaNnEr

This was supposed to be my first vlog for my blog but the vid I created is having issues getting from my iPhone to my blog!! UGH! Oh well.

I have been making planners using various formats, some free-form and others pre-printed, for the past few years. I have been toying with the idea of  joining the Filofax bandwagon but it’s just not me.  I am currently using invite.l‘s daily planner ver.2. I begin each monthly with what I call a “face page” using various paper and printed calendar.  After each face page I leave a couple of pages free to attach Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-A-Day Challenge as well as a list of hastags I use on Instagram. After all that I break down the week, Sunday thru Saturday, using a date stamper.  I give myself plenty of room for writing appointments and reminders.   Then I go crazy with color coding and washi tape…but that is a post for a different day!

Monthly calendar face page

Monthly calendar face page



Ink pad and date stamp

Ink pad and date stamp


Some of the items and sources of inspiration come from the following:  Invite.l, Girl of All Work, IheartOrganizing, Life…Your Way & Fat Mum Slim

Do you use a planner? Paper or Digital?

SpOOn SupPort

::Blogs I Adore:: installment this month are blogs where I go to my news and support for Fibromyalgia. This month, I am showcasing too blogs. First up is Counting My Spoons: From Fibro to Fabulous by Julie Ryan. {Click the link on her name for her story & journey}.  My favorite posts are about the Fibro Warriors. Posts like that are encouraging, especially on days when you hurt beyond all comprehension.

Source: facebook.com/fibromusic

Source: facebook.com/fibromusic


Next on my reader list is Fibromyalgia Support. This is a tumblr site that links to new research, pictures and other useful info.  Along with these two blogs, some really good online support groups and understanding friends {or mOnkies} & family. I feel extraordinarily fortunate in my fight with chronic illness.





InVisIble ILLneSs WeEk

This week is the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week (9th – 15th). I participated last year with a weeks worth of posts but this year I am going to be participating in the forums and chats. If you have been reading my blog, you are already aware of my illness. As usual, the last Tuesday of the month is my health update and I will share with you what I learned from the conference.

This year, the theme is I choose to…{fill in the blank} Check back on the 25th and see what my answer will be!

Source: Invisibleillness.com

Source: Invisibleillness.com