It’s ToO DArN HoT!

Arizona, it’s dang hot from about May until September-ish. We have two seasons, hot and cold. I have dealt with at least two summers now with fibromyalgia. Per my own evaluation and that of my family, Summer is when I flare the most and tend to be more fatigued.

 Dr. Ercolie Bossema of the Utrecht University in the Netherlands recently published in the journal of Arthritis Care & Research: The Influence of Weather on Daily Symptoms of Pain and Fatigue in Female Patients with Fibromyalgia: A Multilevel Regression Analysis.1 In the study it is stated that “weather has a rather small effect on pain or fatigue.” Huh?

Let us remember that this study was done in the NETHERLANDS! Average summer temperatures, according to the World Weather Online, is about 84o degrees…Phoenix 106o.

 “Our analyses provide more evidence against, than in support of, the daily influence of weather on fibromyalgia pain and fatigue,” concludes Dr. Bossema. “This study is the first to investigate the impact of weather on fibromyalgia symptoms in a large cohort, and our findings show no association between specific fibromyalgia patient characteristics and weather sensitivity.”

 An article written in the Medical Press2 did state that future research will include more specific characteristics such as personality traits, beliefs about chronic pain and attitude regarding the influence of weather on symptoms. I would also like suggest that they study more than one geographical location, meaning, find a location with extreme cold and extreme heat! You don’t have to have fibro to know how withering a hot humid day can be on one’s body.

 No one has found a definitive answer to why it starts, how it starts and how one get’s it. Could it be our food (i.e. preservatives)? Or the industrial age leaking major toxins into our air, water and ground? An effect of depression?

 I do appreciate is the ongoing studies that doctors and researchers are making as an effort to understand fibromyalgia. It’s just some of them make you wonder “you went to college, right?”

 Good try Dr. Bossema, but I think you failed.

  1. The Influence of Weather on Daily Symptoms of Pain and Fatigue in Female Patients with Fibromyalgia: A Multilevel Regression Analysis.” Ercolie R. Bossema, Henriet van Middendorp, Johannes W.G. Jacobs,Johannes W.J. Bijlsma and Rinie Geenen. Arthritis Care and Research; Published Online: June 4, 2013 (DOI: 10.1002/acr.22008).

ToOls I USe

One of the best things to hit the interwebs…ever! Pinterest! Yep, I am one in the millions of avid pinners who can spend countless hours pinning to my hearts content. However, it has become a valuable asset in my thrifting, tag sale and antique mall shopping adventures. I specifically have a board that is dedicated to pins that showcase what I look for when I shop. My favorites are enamel ware, industrial items, vintage ephemera, vintage office supplies, terra-cotta pots, and vintage linens.

Vintage Office Supplies – Guidoneetsy storefront

No GrAin HooMan!

Major confession time.

I most assuredly believe that my precious little pooch eats far better than I do!

There, I said it!

On a good day, I am 85 ok 65% on track on being Paleo/Primal in my food choices!

However, Hermione’s food is all grain free! Little bugger! I found Nature’s Variety at a local pet food store that specialized in “healthier” food for pets. So, if it was Alpo you were looking for, that was not the place. With my most recent move, I was a bit worried about finding a good store that have healthy choices for my dog.  We were pretty lucky to live by a Pet Planet. I highly suggest a visit when you have an opportunity. Gracious, knowledgeable peeps there to help you make the best choices for your pets.

The NonDogs (cats, in Hermione Speak) are like their hooman, junk food junkies. I tried changing them to a better diet but they revolted and well, it was revolting to clean up after!

Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost


Does your pooch eat better than you!?!

Not a paid review, just my review of a very good product!

FoR ThE lOve oF PaPER

Birchbox  for makeup
Hey, my dog even has a box of the month delivery…and recently, I discovered Olive Box from Gloria Kang of Pink Olive.  A paper lover’s box of the month club.

Olive Box

My first box arrived with a lovely letterpress card made by Mr. Boddington’s , a handmade ice cream scoop made from Olive wood and the most adorable ice cream cups ever! It truly was a sweet treat to discover this monthly subscription.
Ms. Kang also has a delightful blog!! Also, for the budding entrepreneur, she offers weekly advice on building your brand so you can approach retails stores with savvy and moxie.
What Box of the Month club have you discovered??

The ClOthEs MakE ThE GiRL

Here we are, August, and time for another:: Blogs I Adore:: installment.  Since yesterday’s Wordless was about Prague, I thought I would introduce you to Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan!

This former roller derby girl turned Paleo cookbook author is kick ass and stylin. It’s not just that her cookbook rocks but that she’s been to PRAGUE! So Jelly McJealousson!

Roll on over and check out her adventures!

The Clothes Make the Girl ~ Well Fed Paleo Recipes!

ObsEssIve MuCH?

It has been written, somewhere, by some financial guru that writing down your every penny in and every penny out helps keep the vague-monster away. Well, damnit, just like Mom, the guru was right.  I started out with post cards….boring.  Then sticky-notes, those get lost.  Then I found What Did I Buy Today {An Obsessive Consumption Journal} created by Kate Bingman-Burt.

OMG! This takes tracking to a whole new level…like a FUN level. The book is sprinkled with her drawings and splurges. If you check out her Etsy site, you can get a monthly subscription to her journals {hmmm, maybe a future Pin Money purchase…?}.

Kate Bingman-Burt ~ Etsy store for the Obsessive Complusive