SkiNNy PigGY

Oh sweet little golden piggy bank, how neglected you have been. I only given nothing but pennies to feed your little golden belly. For shame!

Yea, I haven’t been using my cash envelopes as I should be and the piggy is a little skinny these days.

I wish I could say I have become quite good at using the cash envelopes for their intent and purposes. However, it’s still pretty evident that if I have money in my pocket {or envelope}, I am going to spend it.  I am pretty sure I could out spend a drunken sailor on his first shore leave!

So I am back to the drawing board looking at new techniques for keeping those envelopes in place for their time of need. Such as, new tires or battery.  Kinda hard to pay for those things if the envelope has gone dry. Amirite?

So the question is, if a savings account doesn’t work and I am spending my “envelopes” on things they are not intended for…what is my solution??  How do you save?

Clipart by Picsburg -

Clipart by Picsburg –

{wOrdLess WeDnESdaY}

One of my goals is to take better pictures but until I figure out which awesome camera to barter for I’m sticking with my iPhone. I am loving the apps I use to alter my photos.  Currently, I am using Phonto for cropping and adding text. Along with,  ABeautifulMess, for some graphics and whimsy. You can follow me on instragram at jjdpco (or clicky the linky on the sidebar —>)

This month, my Soul Sista and her hubby joined in the fun of the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge (you can find July’s Challenge here). Dude, I totally have to step up my game or else! They did great with June’s challenges!!!

Here’s a few of mine plus a few of the one’s I took just for hell of it~

  • Day 1~ B is for
  • Day 2~ a moment
  • Day 3~ on my table
  • Day 4~ after dark
  • Day 8~ an animal
  • Day 9~ from down low
  • Day 12~ 11o’clock
  • Day 14~ texture
  • Day 19~ currently reading
  • Day 28~ red
  • Day 29~ in my bag
  • Random Fun Photo 1
  • Random Fun Photo 2
  • Random Fun Photo 3
  • Random Fun Photo 4


SaD DaY foR GooGlE ReaDer

To the dismay of millions of bloggers, today is the day Google is letting go of Google Reader. Let us all thank the idiots that thought that was a good idea! So, unless you totally forgot and are wondering why you are not getting your feeds, be sure things moved over to Feedly or Bloglovin.  They will hook up to your google and download all your feeds to their readers. (you can also clicky the linky on the side bar to add me to your bloglovin queue!)