{wOrdLess WeDnESdaY}

Whew! What an awesome month I had with Fat Mum Slim’s Photo A Day Challenge! I did so much better this time around too!! I think I missed like four of thirty-one days!!

Take a look!

  • Day 1: Happiness Is…
  • Day 2: Shoes
  • Day 3: Cold
  • Day 4: Red, White Or Blue
  • Day 5: Love
  • Day 6: Fave Smell
  • Day 7: Where are You
  • Day 9: Three Things
  • Day 11: I wore this
  • Day 12: Bad Habit
  • Day 13: 4 o’clock (am!)
  • Day 14: Edible
  • Day 15: Outside the Window
  • Day 17: Inspirational
  • Day 18: Number
  • Day 19: Building
  • Day 20: Hot
  • Day 21: Fave Food
  • Day 22: Grey
  • Day 23: I drew this!
  • Day 24: D is for…
  • Day 26: The Everyday
  • Day 27: Black & White
  • Day 28: This is New!
  • Day 30: Friendship
  • Day 31: Workspace

Here is the link for August’s challenge! Get your camera’s ready!!


Lord knows that I am in no way a certified expert or giving any medical advice on dealing with fibro! However, I have learned some things over the past year that I would like to share in the hopes that it helps some one deal with their chronic illness.

So here goes

1) Make your bedroom your haven!

Wrap yourself up in comfort, get that heating pad you always wanted (check, your FSA or HSA may cover it) and enjoy your private sanctuary. Lots of pillows and good lighting. The works. We spend a whole lot of time in this space…make it yours! And, MAKE YOUR BED! Why? Because I feel that I get a more restful nights sleep…don’t know if it’s a psychological thing but I do.

2)  Use it or Lose it

Get creative! Grap some old school crayons, coloring book and have at it. Not your thing? Crosswords. Wordsearch. War & Peace. Whatever it is that engages your mind. Do one little thing each day that unleashes those molecules in your head. Why? It’s a good distraction from a day spent in pain. It allows your brain to focus on something other than your pain!

3) Inner Peace

In your newly created safe haven of a bedroom, create a meditation space or a yoga space. I may read some scriptures or practice meditation {which is really hard for me, but ya gotta start somewhere}. Stop focusing on the busy and what you can’t do or didn’t do that day.  I can easily wear myself out just shopping for groceries, so allowing myself a moment of quiet is spectacular!

4) Write it down!

Um, yeah, we fibro peeps have this thing called “Fibro Fog”. It’s not just your ordinary “why did I walk into this room”, it’s “how did I wake-up, drive a car and why did I walk into this room?” I am a huge advocate for personal planners (been making my own for a few years). I also found an app that allows me to monitor my pain and record what days are flare days and what the triggers were.  It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just jot down your appointments and reminders. You’re gonna need it!

5) Acceptance

In preparing this post, I re-wrote this section a million times it feels like. I am a noobie with dealing with chronic illness but I also come from a family of recovering addicts and one of the hardest things to deal with in illness or addiction is acceptance. You will know when it happens. There is a “click” in your brain that suddenly changes your focus.

I have already written on how Chronic illness changed my life. With acceptance, I have come to understand my limitations, what is important and what to let go. This is not to say that I won’t have bad days. It’s not to say I won’t push myself on a good day and have to sleep 14 hours to make up for it. It means that I now have a new journey, quite different from all the rest. Most importantly, learning that this is my acceptance. Not acceptance of what I am going through from others.

That’s all I have to offer for now. Take what you need or leave it be…it’s all good 🙂

I’m GonNA PoP TheSe TagS

This month I donated a lot of items I wasn’t using and decided that I ought to have a break from bringing in stuff…what? I am I crack?! What happened was…there was nothing this month! Zip, Zilch, NADA! {insert sad face} Not that my picker was broken but school is now out and the folks are all on vacation. Which means donations are down. It’s cool, I can save my dough for some future great finds!

I will be posting my hauls thrift store on my facebook page,  so be sure to visit and “Like” my page {you know the drill, clicky the linky —>}

So I must warn ya of the language but OMG, love this video by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! For all us thrifters, junkers, pickers and dog robbing lovers, this is for you! If the embed does not work, try this link


And I am back with a final installment of the Jordan’s Seven Accounts Every Family Should have.  The Slush Fund! Love this fund. This is where all the leftovers go once you have allocated your funds into the various checking and savings accounts. This is my play money! Unlike the Pin Money I do with all my saved coins, this is the fund that I use for thrifting, picking up items at the drug store or taking my mom to lunch. I was able to directly deposit this into a prepaid visa and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Which leads me to next months topic…AUDIT. No, not an IRS one! It’s time to sit down with the insurance bill, the cell bill and my numerous subscriptions list and give it a good review.

What can I cut back on? Spending too much a service that is no longer needed? Time to find out!


No BaTh WithOut mY TowEl!

It’s time to give you the latest on the must haves for all haute dogs!

This month we bring you a product with a purpose. I was first introduced to DogTails Dog Shampoo from Serena Faber Nelson at Pretty Fluffy. {See here for her product review}. I was so excited about this because Serena is in Australia and well, I can’t always get what she showcases {case in point, Paw Bag!}

I digress.

Anyway, back to my point. What sold me on getting this for my pup was 1) MADE in THE USA! and 2) each purchase of the microfiber pet towel means one towel is given to a shelter! Mi’one and I approve!

And doode! She smells so good after her bath too!

As you can tell, I spoil her rotten {case in point, BarkBox}. Am I the only one?

Dogtails Bundle ~ Shampoo and Microfiber Towel $32


The Pressman’s Girlfriend

     Many years ago, and no I won’t tell you how many, I worked for a print shop.  It was there I learned about difference between linen versus woven paper, the poundage and how to spot a watermark. It left such an impression on me that the love of all things paper has been with me ever since.  I wish I could tell you the type of press they used and what the machine was called but I honestly can’t recall. I do remember that they did not have a letter-press and the machine was of a rotary sort. I want to say it was a type of offset lithography but I could be wrong.
     I used to think my hobby in a historical society was what made me happy, I thought I had found a niche that made my heart sing. As hard as I worked, my efforts where over shadowed by my own personal mistakes and drama. When I stepped far away from the society, I  was left with a very,  huge empty feeling and a sense of…”now what do I do??”
      I had to do something, so I started making handmade envelopes to sell on Etsy.  That was a start.
     Then came the various doctor’s appointments, the diagnosis and a financial crisis I had to put effort into. It was one heck of a year and a half ride of ups and downs.  Now that life is at a settled point once again and I able to finally sit still enough to listen to the Universe.
     So what I have I learned? I learned I am a picker. I have a knack of finding odd objects and turning them into other objects, that mixed media art is my thing and (THE BIGGEST REVELATION EVER) that I am an artist. Boy howdy!
     It’s not through sewing or baking but through turning found objects into something unique and using paper to communicate my hearts voice.
So it leads me here, back to my blog, my tool to show the world my biggest achievements and my worse possible art works ever {I will show you the Ugly Fish one day, I promise!}…what a grand journey this is going to be for us!
     It’s a tool to build up JJDouglasPaperCo into a growing Etsy storefront with paper goods (found and made) and maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find myself in front of a print press once again
Where does your heart lead you? Are you listening?!?

::BloGs I aDorE::

So here we are, at another installment of blogs I adore.  I introduce them briefly as I currently use their photo app on my iPhone. So, let me fully introduce you to one of my faves.

Blog Name: A Beautiful Mess

This sisterly duo is all about creating a beautiful life. They share daily inspirations through crafts, recipes, decor and fashion. Plus, they are uber adorables!

I found them through a pinterest board on blog planning and I have been hooked ever since. They have sooo many great posts that I can’t seem to find three that I must share. So venture over and check them out for yourself!