KicKing FibrO’s AsS


That’s was my cave girl growl. Scary, right?

For the last thirty days I have been in a Paleo challenge with my Soul Sista and her hubby! The goal is to integrate my eating habits to a more healthy life style. Truthfully, I was 80% Paleo and 20% not so Paleo these past thirty days. Was able to say no to Gluten on some occasions but really, can’t say bye-bye to chocolate ice cream quite yet!

Significant changes? Only three flare days total this month!!! HUGE IMPROVEMENT! I lost a total of 6.5 pounds as well. I am starting to feel the difference in the way my clothes fit, which is always exciting. Energy is up (hey, I left the house on a Sunday…three weeks in a row!) and I am feeling happy once again. Yes, I still have days of pain and days of fatigue but they are less frequent. My last doctor’s appointment went rather well. She did prescribe a new pain medication but after three very unsuccessful attempts of taking it, I will just stick with my eating healthy and using Advil.

And I have to give a shout out to the family and my Soul Sista…without their support, I’d probably be eating a Big Mac right now! I also created a support group on face book called Primal Paleo & Fibromyalgia. We are small group with a common goal of using the paleo lifestyle to help manage our fibromyalgia. Small group thus far but informative and fun!

Next month, it will be all about exercise! I will be reviewing the book I found called Exercise for Fibromyalgia! With it getting way hotter each day here in Hades, I mean, Arizona, walking will become a bit of a chore. It’s a good time to try something new.


SmEll PrettY

The good folks at Pinterest have changed things so I can no longer embed the cool items I find and post to my blogs. Those good folks are asshats!

Anyway, this months “Gotta Try It” comes from Henry Happened and her post for the Vanilla Clove Body Oil Spray.

Her instructions are in the post and I admittedly put in more clove than vanilla. Love the smell of clove. It was super easy to make! It certainly costs way less that some of the ‘fumes I have chosen in the past.

'Nilla Clove Body Spray

‘Nilla Clove Body Spray

{wOrdLess WeDnESdaY}

An assortment of pictures I took for the Fat Mum Slim April Photo Challenge

  • Day 2: Blue
  • Day 3: Something that begins with A
  • Day 4: This Happened today {my dog took a good photo}
  • Day 5: Something good
  • Day 9: tiny
  • Day 13: View from my Bed
  • Day 19: Button


In sight of what happened in Boston this week, my preparedness bug hit RED ALERT! I am thankful to the law enforcement agents for the capture of the bomber. To the citizens of Boston and the survivors, as always, you have shown the world how resilient we can be.

As an American, I live in relative safety and don’t have to worry about going to the local market and having a bomb go off. This week showed us how quickly and swiftly our “safe” society can crumble. Now, more than ever, it just feels right to be as prepared for anything!

I am ticking off the items from the Six Sisters 72 hours kit once again this month. There wasn’t a whole bunch to put in our box. A spot of cash for the emergencies, some toilet paper (ya, kinda of a big deal even in emergencies), some soap and something to whittle away the hours when the WorldWideWeb ceases to work. I added playing cards but will be on the look out for cheap crossword or word search books.


Source: Library of Congress



I recently celebrated my Hermione’s Third Adoption Year (or, in some circles, her 4th birthday). Hermione was gifted with a wonderful party dress that I just had to share.  It is all hand-made by a friend of mine, Robbie’s Mom. She recently rescued a pup who I understand really likes to eat the sofa!





Sometimes, there are not too many great finds from the weekly jaunt to the thrift store. I picked up a few trinkets here and there but nothing like finding a Van Gogh this month.

I did however take care of a project that needed some updating! My beside table was looking, well, dull! Since I decided to get bold with the new duvet, the table was fading into the background.  I am sad to say that I totally forgot to take before photos but I hope you like the after!  I used semi-gloss black paint from Ace’s Clark + Kensington line and spray painted the original handle gold. The mirror, elephant and lamp are all thrifted items I have found over the past year. Very happy with how it turned out!


StALker PrOfiLe: 001

Name: Pretty Fluffy

Who are They: they are the go to guide for the modern dog owner

Favorite Post: Pretty Fluffy: DIY Pet First Aid Kit

Why I stalk the blog:  Ok , maybe stalker is not the right word. Admirer? Anywho, Serena at Pretty Fluffy is one of my favorite reads each week. I subscribe to what seems like hundreds of blogs but her’s is one that I make sure I read. Based in the land down under, she and her dog Soda share the web page with all sorts of tips, articles, product shares and the most wonderful pictures of her dog. I keep wondering if my pup will every allow me to take awesome pictures of her!  If you are a fur mom/dad…be sure to check her out!

CheCkIng: ReGuLar

This month I am working on moving all monthly expenses into the regular checking account. Jordan at The Fun Cheap or Free Queen calls this Family Checking. This the account where the rent, utilities and insurance payments are drawn from. With my direct deposit, I set up a per pay period deposit that funds s all those recurring payments. Nothing else is paid from this account. It is strictly for the regular monthly payments.

It doesn’t hurt me one bit, I get free checking because of the direct deposit and a designated account for household expenses…double win for me

2013 accts