Be GoNE!

I am an avid thrifter and the one thing I complain about the most is the damn stickers they put on the merchandise! Not just thrift store, but just in general. I have passed up plenty of good “trash” just because of those damn stickers.

I came across this pin and thought I would give it a try. I have used the goo gone products for the stickers but I do have a concern on what is in it and quite frankly, the stuff is nasty. Get’s all over everything! This mixture is quite simple, one part coconut oil to one part baking soda. (I used one tablespoon). It’s gritty and does have to sit for a good five minutes. I have to endorse this one, it worked really well on a transfer-ware plate I found while at GW. The sticker didn’t slide off, it still took some patience. Once removed the gritty baking soda worked on the residue and it came out clean after a good rinse in hot water. I have a few other finds I am going to try this one but I am impressed. You can find the original post here.

Me? DisAbleD?



I have been doing a bit of searching lately on the effects of Fibromyalgia and the workplace. My biggest concern with my new job was my regular occurrence of time off due to flares. On average, I would be out about one day a month (sometimes more). I am happy to report that I did go thirty days with no time off for this. Ok, I take that back. I had a recent flare but it only affected half of my work day.

Knowledge is power! Right? In 1990, congress enacted law that was signed by GW Bush on July 26th the same year. It is called the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is a wide-ranging civil rights law that prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability. The ADA defines disability as a physical or mental impairment that limits life’s activities. Fibromyalgia, as with any disability, is a case by case situation and some will fall under the ADA code and some will not.

As Little Miss Proactive, I reviewed the recommendations found at the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). They have publications for both employee and employer on specific accommodations that can be made to benefit both sides.

For me, my two biggest are concentration issues (i.e. why did I walk into this room?) and migraines. JAN recommends the following for concentration issues 1) provide written job instructions 2) prioritize assignments and 3) provide memory aides, such as a scheduler or organizer. For migraines, 1) provide task lighting 2) allow flexible work schedules and 3) allow periodic breaks. I work in an industry that is known for a stressful work environment, can’t accommodate stress!

I have to say, the new employer is hitting the ball outside the park. They have provided a flexible schedule (early in, leave mid afternoon), an ergonomic workstation and all job requests made of me are in written communication. I already utilize the Outlook calendar to remind myself of important daily tasks. I also take breaks. Two fifteen minute breaks a day. I use this time to take a ten to twelve-minute walk each morning and afternoon. It produces those yummy feelin endorphins that keep me alert and productive.

I did list myself as a disabled American on my job application. It’s a first. I am not making any claims of woe but I am protecting myself. Not only as an employee with a disability but with an armament of knowledge as well. I find that education is the key when dealing with a chronic illness.

My next biggest hurdle is exercise and food…ugh!




Another month of items purchased for the 72 hour kit. I was pretty lucky to have a couple of items on hand and purchase another at the thrift shop. You can find this list I am using here at SixSistersStuff.

1). a couple of cans of tuna (added Spam as well, it was on sale and I had a coupon)
2). Manual can opener (found at the thrift shop!)
3). Roll of paper towels
4). Emergency blankets (these were part of a camping kit I had previously put together, no purchase required!)


ThIs LiTTle PiGGy

Several months ago I started using cash envelopes for budgeting purposes. With using cash comes the change, and lots of it. Instead of giving a merchant exact change, I want change back! So I can feed the pig!

Princess Pin Pin

Princess Pin Pin

My portly friend was getting even more portly, so I took her down to the local coin counter and got just close to fifty bucks out of her! Cha-ching! If you didn’t know, pin money was money set aside for the purchase of incidentals (i.e. silk stockings or a new hat). I decided that my pin money is going to be used to purchase something trivial, or something just fun in general. A piece of jewelery, a book, or a subscription to a rather expensive magazine.

Yep, this quarter’s allotment will be purchasing a subscription to Somerset Workshop ~ The Art of Mixed Media and Paper. It’s six issues for thirty-three bucks!!

There is a rather nice sense of anticipation in this long awaited purchase.

WoOf aNd LicKS!


It doesn’t seem possible that three years ago I rescued my Yorkie from the shelter! Three years! The end of the month is her adoptive birthday date and I am still so very glad she rescued me as well. She has really improved since moving in with the family. She has a yard to run around in and a cousin to play with. Despite my fears of her reactions to her rather rambunctious cousin, they have become really great companions. Oscar has her playin and she has him around her little paw.

Since I haven’t planned a bday party for her this year I decided to enroll her into Barkbox. it’s a monthly subscription based box that sends treats and toys. You plug in the name, size and date of birth…they send you cool stuff! Now, if I can’t only wait till her bday to open it!!!!

oH SleeP

There two important things each fibromyalgic learns to adore. Comfy pj’s and a comfy bed. For the past ten or so years, I have decorated my home with a nod to shabby chic. My home has been adorned with enough cabbage roses to make any English garden envious. Recently, I was cleaning out my storage items and came across a rather graphic duvet cover that I totally forgot I had! (I think I bought it about six years ago at Ikea).

After I stuffed my down comforter into the duvet, I decided to let go of the roses and embrace the boldness. I was able to outfit my bed for about $30 with only one item purchased new. I have to say, one comfy, comfy bed is the result. I am still on the search for a graphic print fitted sheet for the box spring but may have to make one if I can’t just find one pre-made. My eighteen year old cat loves it as much as I do!

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