IT DePt of RedWood HoMeSTeaD

Last year I started the “Gotta Try This” board on Pinterest. It was fodder to get me to write about my hits and misses with DIY’s and such. I totally had this month’s planned out but it has to wait to next month.

Instead, get out your iPhones and take a gander at this post I found. If the pin link does not work, you and find the article here.

I highly recommend the Gmail download and the Apps Gone Free download. It’s about as addicting as Angry Birds Star Wars!!!

{wOrdLess WeDnESdaY}

Well, I didn’t make every day of the February Photo challenge on Fat Mum Slim. I did do better than last month though!!

Here’s a gallery of the photos I took as part of the challenge. Click here for her March challenge

  • Day #1 Fork
  • Day #20 – Where you stood
  • Day #18 – Something you hate
  • Day #17 – In your hand
  • Day # – I am (very happy with my new ring)
  • Day #11 – Entrance
  • Day #9 -Guilty Pleasure
  • Day #7 – My name
  • #2 Something that starts with “E”
  • Day #2 – Pattern

AnD It WaS GooD!

My pj day


Not leaving the house unless someone is bleeding and dying


One of the lessons Fibro has taught me is listening to my body, especially when it comes to rest. My focus in life is to work my forty plus hour job and then rest. I have hired help with the ‘big’ cleaning (such as the kitchen and bathrooms), we have a gardener to take care of the yard, and all errands are ran on Saturday (or after work). Sunday, I rest. At the most, I spend it writing this blog and doing laundry.

Seems lazy to you??

I can only offer that when I don’t rest on Sunday’s, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will be out one day the following week due to extreme fatigue. Rest is as important to me as breathing. Without it, I just get sicker and have more flares. It’s as important as the yoga stretches and eating right. If I go for a visit for a weekend, Monday is taken off for a rest day.

Living with a chronic illness is learning to live your life differently. I do have to slow down, my health depends upon it.

Besides, God said it was good!



Last month I touched on being prepared in my post Hurricane Monkey and the system I will be using for this year long project. I broke down the list I got off the Six Sister’s Stuff broke it down into four to five tasks to complete each month.

So, for January I completed the following:

  1. Each family member has a suitable container for the bug out bags
  2. Smoke detectors – this is still a to do since it is in a not-so-convenient location in my bedroom. The 10ft ceiling!
  3. There is now a flashlight with fresh batteries on my night stand
  4. Purchased 3 gallons of water
  5. Started the ZAP fund. This is a series of small bills to use if ATM’s or credit could not be used.

I like this small step approach. I tend to dive head first into a task!


It’S AlWaYs AbOUt ThE ShOEs

Couple of good finds this past month at the thrift shop. First had to be the Mascaro shoes I found at the local consignment shop called Turn-Style.  Original price tag was $29.00, I was able to purchase them for 75% off. Oh hells yeah! A quick search and I found the maker’s shoes start around $200 US. They will look sweet with a nice pair of slacks!!

Then there is the $5.99 chair that was 20% off at GW. One of numerous projects at the Redwood Homestead is to purchase four distinctive table chairs and then paint them in four different colors. So far, we have two of the four chairs.  There is a bit if repair work to one of the of the slats but otherwise it is a fairly comfortable sturdy chair.

PicMonkey Collage1a