PiN CuRls & GyPsiES

After spending a part of my evening watching a re-run of Design Star season finale and an episode of Junk Gypsies I had yet to see, I felt inspired…to take a shower!

I do my best plotting, er, planning in the shower! Once my pin curls were set I was off to organize my craft closet! I had two main goals for this particular purge. One was to have an area to store the winter blankets and to store my laundry basket.

As you can see from the before picture, it was stuffed full. I purged, a lot. By the end of it I had 5 pounds worth of trash, one full paper recycling bin, and 5 bags for donations. I cleared out old paperwork from my past hobby, projects that I haven’t touched since 2007 and was left with a pretty, clean closet!

This was the only goal for July…it’s too hot to do anything outside!!

au revoir!


It’s been a while since I posted on my finances. I have moved onto a new job and for the most part is going well. The suck is losing 10.5 hours out of my last paycheck due to sickness and a 341 hearing for my bk. Thankfully, it did not affect my overall budget! It took a bite out of what I call my “spending money”. Essentially, all the bills were covered and I still have enough set aside for an upcoming haircut.

I still keep a lookout for blogs that have some great money ideas. I came across The Nest Effect on Pinterest recently. She has posted her reflections on using cash envelopes and has created a spreadsheet system that follows the principles that Dave Ramsey mentions in his book. Check it out!! She sells some of her spreadsheets on Etsy and has many free printables!!!

au revoir!

BeTTer laTe

THAN NEVER!!! I know, I’m a bad blogger! I have not posted in a couple of weeks!!!

I have been spending some quality time with my mom as she is now staying with me for a couple of months. My sister and her decided to move up to my neck of the woods in hope of a better job situation for my sister. I am loving every minute. I am feeling super blessed to have them so near again!

This month I am concentrating on one small area for my monthly re-design project. Craft closet! I am not even going to show a before picture, it’s horrid..seriously..ok, but it’s a mess!!

There are dozens of leftover projects, supplies for hobbies no longer being used, and scrapbooking paraphernalia galore! It just needs a good old fashioned cleaning, sorting, donation and trashing!

Check here to see some great craft room, supplies…you name it, I probably pinned it!

au revoir!