DrOp YoUR PaNTs!

Ha! Laundry is a every person bane! It multiples, like those crazy Tribbles on Star Trek!! This has become one of my favorite projects this far. It was a fairly easy project but it did break the $20 limit for the challenge.

  • I found the Black & White contact paper at Marshalls for $5.99. It became the basis of the color scheme. With my kitchen being red & yellow and the laundry being right off the dining, it complimented each other without being overwhelming.
  • I purchased the decal at Dalidecals.com for $10.00 (plus $6.50 for shipping). I added the smaller of the design to the dashboard sections of the rented washer and dryer, these can be removed when I move.
  • Several of the baskets were purchased at my local thrift shops and average in price from $1.99 to $4.99
  • One can of black matte spray paint $3.99 ~ this was a huge mess. I learned to wear latex gloves and purchase more than one can. A future project will be to respray the baskets for more uniform appearance.

I will let the collages below speak for themselves.

au revoir!

Before: Clutter and unorganized. Tools overflowing the boxes…total mess!

Clean and Uniform! Everything now has its place


Folder has monthly spending plan, plus a calendar for upcoming payments recurring payments or items to budgeted for over time)

I am coming up on month three on the cash envelopes system.  With a recent change in employment and preparing for the bankruptcy, my envelopes were bare this month. It was awesome to even have the resources available for the filing fee!! Even though it made the rest of the month pretty tight, the money was there when needed.

In my road to financial serenity, I have to work on my money clarity and not being vague about where my goes and where it comes from. I re-vamped my spending plan to allow for some adjustments to the envelopes, to allow for some savings, and budgeting smaller items as they arise. I am incorporating as many of the tips and tricks I find from my financial blogs I read and going to some old-fashioned ink & paper techniques that keep me focused on my money clarity.

Of course, any chance to make something using paper always makes me happy!! New envelopes are being made for categories I had not originally planned for, i.e. books and/or movies. The cash envelopes seem to be a every evolving system and seems to grow as you do.

What are you tips are tricks for budgeting??Do you have a pen and paper method of accounting for you bills?? Everything done online?? A mixture of both??

au revoir!

BiTCh, MoAN & CoMPlaiN

I promised myself that this blog would not be used to as a place to blabber about my diagnosis. But there are days when my fatigue gets worse or new symptoms arise. We mOnkey’s call this Whack-A-Symptom and I am not very fond of this game.

This week is a good example. Sunday is my day, I stay in my PJ’s, take care of things for the upcoming week and write out my blog content. And yet, Sunday new symptoms rose up and I am just starting now to feel somewhat human again.  Leaving me with no blog content for the week…le sigh.

Hope you all will hang in there with me. There are some great things happening at Dragonfly Keep!! Financial hurdles met, new job about to start and that is just the beginning!!


Source: dreamstime free images

That light at the end of the tunnel is not a train!!

au revoir!


Every once in a while I need something…like a wine stopper. Or craft supplies. Whatever it is, I can generally find it at the thrift shop grab bags section. These are the bags with bits of odds and ends lumped together, small plastic animal toys. I have indeed found a wine stopper, glue sticks, and whatever I can’t use will usually wind up at the next thrift store. I generally keep an eye out for scrapbooking supplies, small items for the kitchen and quirky picture frames.

Take a look next time you visit a thrift shop…you never know what you will find.

au revoir!

Grap Bags

See what you can find at your local thrift shop!

fAIre FaiLLite

This week will usher in a new chapter in my financial life. I am in a place between relief and utter devastation. Then, strangely, elation. I am happy to get the creditors behind me, get them paid and on with some financial security. It also means work, lots of work.

It’s my intention to continue with using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace principals, keeping track of all expenditures and for God’s sake…saving a portion of my money!

I am so freaked out and really wish I didn’t have travel this path. With all that is going on with this economy, I feel fortunate that I even get a chance to pay people back.

This is a rather short post just for the simple fact that I don’t know what to feel.

au revoir!

KeePinG ClEAn!

May is the just about half over and I have been working on the laundry area for the 2012 ReDesign Challenge.  I have pinned a few inspiration pics but here are the ones I like the most. The laundry area is about the size of a good closet with a full washer, dryer and houses the water heater.  I also store holiday wreaths and cleaning supplies in the space. I want a cohesive look, clean and clutter free.

Source: google.com via Alyssa on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Alyssa on Pinterest



Original sources should show for the pins, if not, they can be found here. Bhg.com    Roomenvy    decals

I am just about done with all the updates…keep posted!

au revoir!

HaPpY BiRThdAy!

Today is my birthday!! Whooohooo!

It has been a wonderful birthday too! I enjoyed the company of my family for an extended weekend in which all we did was eat, talk, shop and make cake!

I found a cake I wanted to try on Pinterest and thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate my day!

The pin above should take you directly to the site I pinned, or click here.

The most difficult part was trying to locate whole buttermilk so we opted for a Sour Milk variation. We also noted that we should have removed the yolks from the eggs and kept only the whites (sister noted that would probably mean adding another 1/2 cup of sour milk/buttermilk for a more moist cake). Another suggestion was adding a flavor like almond…just for something different.

It was great fun and quite tasty!

Here’s a little slide show of our birthday cake fun day!

au revoir!

ThrIfTer’S ToOl KiT

Have I told you lately that I love, love going thrifting?? So much so, the sales associates actually know me on sight!! Ha!! I love finding clothes and stuff for the house. And I happen to think I do a good at it. I mean, if I can get a BCBGMaxazria shirt for $1, then I gotta be doing something right! With so many finds coming the house I have come up with a tool box kit that I think every thrifter should have on hand. God bless the thrift stores but do they really have to put the price tags in the worse spots?? Here is what I keep in my kit.

  • Small plastic scraper like this one ~ this comes in handy with the second item. Removes the tags and residue
  • Goo Gone ~ every thrifter needs this.
  • a good non-abrasive cleaner. Some things need a bit of cleaning
  • Cleaning clothes (or paper towels)
  • screw driver
  • small hammer
  • painters tape
  • Scissors
  • various cans of spray paint

It’s good the have these items in hand for the home in general but I certainly find it handy to have for the things I bring home.

Ummmm….so April has passed but that doesn’t mean I totally forgot about my 2012 Re-Design Project!! April was all about the bathroom. I will let the photos do the talkin.

Au revoir!