mY bAD!!!

Holy Baby Jebus! I have been so caught up in my work that I have failed to post! Not a good plan!

Things at work have been super busy and soon my hours will be changing to 5am to 2pm. I started this week working out a schedule and seeing what time was good to go to bed and if I could even wake up at 3am. Indeed I can! I should know within a couple of weeks if my schedule will change. Until then, I am going to keep the schedule and get as many of my overtime hours in so I don’t have to spend another Saturday at work.

This last bout of depression and learning that my adrenal system is wonky (wonky is a medical term!) has made me into a lump. I know that I will get better but it’s doing me no good to sit on my ass and wish it away. I need to be healthy! Damn it Woman, take a vitamin, go for a walk…DO SOMETHING!

Oh, and another thing. Why is it that inspiration hits when I am trying to go to sleep!? I have a creative idea brewing in my head right now and I am working on the details! I would like to see this come to fruition! It’s not often that I actually feel that I am good at something but I may have found something that even I can’t fuck up!

The holidays are coming on fast. Soon I will be hosting my family for Thanksgiving dinner. We are having Cornish Hens, I refuse to cook a turkey…I hate turkey! What is more exciting is that I get to spend it with my family!

I guess I should figure out my grocery shopping for the week and plan out my weekend.

au revoir

TaLly Ho!

I put pencil to paper yesterday and listed the expenses for September. This is only on items I spent with my debit card. This months challenge will take into account my daily spending (cash and debit, etc). It gets the categories started.


I have only two cash only categories in affect at the moment, groceries and utilities. I found a great wallet for my envelopes, I will share once I have things set for November.

Accountability is hard!


So it is time for a new monthly challenge. This month it is going to be working on a financial situation. I am over my head financially and have decided to take the bankruptcy route. I have made every effort of pay donthlown my over $50,000+ of debt. It has been a very slow process and is causing a lot of depression in my life. I am going with a Chapter 13 for a couple of reasons. One, I have to, I am in that income bracket. Two, I still get to pay people back. It is a structed payment to all those folks I owe and they can’t call me and ask for more.



This is a decision I have agonized over for about two years. My goal this year was to paydown as much as I could but it just seems so overwhelming. I have an addiction issue with money and it has gotten me into big trouble. My promise to myself this year was to learn to do things differently. This includes with my money. I know that not alone with this issue and I am finding a support group to help me deal with this. Let’s be honest, addititcion happens with everyone (shopping, smoking, sex). This is my reality. So Red, whatcha gonna to do bout it?

My monthly challenge for October is to write down every penny I spend. Thanks to a free Android app called Hello Expense, I will be able to catergorize my daily spending. This will be the basis to creating a much improved budget. I also know that I will have to account for my spending with the courts so it is better to start now. Being accountable for my money. Yikes! If you need some pretty envelope’s, check this out.

Today’s goal is to create categories. Starting with a printout of my last months bank statement, I will be able to get a picture of what I am spending on. Then, in November, I will combine this months figures an create a better budget. I am going to go with the envelope system as it a cash based system. This will also bring a bit of reality to my situation…if there is no money in the envelope…can’t spend it…right??

So Money Monday’s will return, I will account for my spending and be able to show my progress. The good and the bad.

What budget system works for you? Have you used the envelope system??

It’S IN ThE AIr!!

Fall! It is just around the corner here in Hell. Granted, the calendar says fall is here. Arizona is last in just about everything and it hasn’t grasped onto Fall quite yet. My weather app in my computer says it’s 105 outside. Inside, however, it is Fall!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. My state doesn’t really have seasons…it has hot, hotter and frackin hot and then it cools down for what we call fallwinterspring for a few months and then it is hot again. I don’t usually decorate the house for the spring and summer months but once September hits I bust out the decorations.

I wasn’t really ready for Halloween decorations, I wanted a different look for the apartment. So last Sunday, I attended a decorating for autumn class at Pottery Barn. (check a local store for details). I got some great ideas but found that I didn’t want to spend forty dollars on a fall wreath and a candle. Instead, I headed off to GW and found a fall wreath, candle, and a ceramic pumpkin for under fifteen dollars.

I didn’t put things out till today. With yet another migraine and fifty plus hours of work, I just looked at my purchases all week. Generally, my Sunday’s are spent relaxing and catching up on sleep. Today was not that kind of day. I just spent six hours fall cleaning my apartment. Whew! It was so worth the effort.

I started in the patio “le petit jardin” which needed to be swept and the old dead plants removed and prepped for fall plantings. After that I headed to WallyWorld for a new indoor broom. Once I got home I started cleaning. It wasn’t the usual “dust here, vacuum there” type of cleaning. It was a grand cleaning. Where the patio door gets cleaned, floors get washed, appliances get wiped down and the tub gets cleaned! And it needed it too. There was an trip to the recycling site and a break for lunch. It just looks so nice!

I am just going to relax for the rest of the afternoon and enjoy my apartment! I may have soup for dinner. Then again, it may be too hot!







It has been “one” those weeks and yet, I am smiling. I would normally be all grumpy and shit but I am not. Dunno why, could be the yoga or the lemon water flushing the bitterness away, who knows.

The week started with my AC quitting, rough work week, and my dog having to be rushed to the vet. Needless to say, today, I passed another audit, Hermione is doing great and I have AC. Really, it all works out in the end.

I just finished straightening up the apartment in preparation for this weekend. I have a few things planned that I am looking forward too. Tomorrow, my good friend is have breast reconstruction surgery and I am going to spend the evening being as much of a comfort to her as humanly possible. She is a survivor and I am so very happy to see this finally happen for her. Saturday, I am attending a wedding of a co-worker. Sunday, I plan on going to a decorating class at Pottery Barn and then brunch with a meet-up group. All in all, it sounds like a loverly weekend.

Now it is that time to get ready for the last work day of the week. I am really ready for sleeping in!


I am on day nine of my Yoga 21 Day Challenge. This far, I have lost a total of three pounds. Very happy. I am learning that my body is in perimenopause, of which comes with not only irritability but weight gain as all. I worked too hard the last couple of years, gaining it back is not an option.

I am focusing on portion control and weight watchers along with hot lemon water each morning, a natural appetite suppressant. Then the Yoga! Each session is just a few minutes but each one melds right into the next. I am struggling with the poses of downward  facing dog as I dealing with weak upper body and wrists. I know that with practice, this will only get better.

I also stopped by the library and got a couple of books to do a bit more research on this perimenopause. I would rather deal with it with knowledge then to suffer through it. Of course, if I can use herbs and vitamins and not drugs, more the better.

My AC decided, at the end of the wretched summer, that it no longer wants to work. I am sitting under my ceiling fan drinking strawberry infused water trying to keep cool. Luckily, it’s only 97 degrees today. Mother Nature seems to be in menopause! A massive storm hit Maricopa and Pinal County last night and a huge shade tree was blown down outside my apartment! Dude, it even smashed in a neighbors patio!

I had a girls night out last night in Tucson and enjoyed the cool brisk air…so glad that fall is just around the corner! I think it is just about time to bust out the fall decorations! I like the mini pumpkins and gourds in a big bowl…

What is your favorite decoration for fall??


In reviving old routines, I am dusting off my FlyLady book and working on my Weekly Financial Home Blessing Hour. If you are not familiar with FlyLady, then check them out here. It is everything that you could possibly think of to get your home clutter free and manageable. For Monday, I created the tasks as follows:

  • Weekly Tabulation: This is where I make sure I have recorded the previous months worth of expenses
  • Review Mail: Many organizers recommend reviewing your mail once everyday. If I don’t have the chance, it gets done on this day
  • Review emails: Yep, taking time to respond and review emails (I generally do this everyday)
  • Update Calendars: Making sure I know what I have going on for the week and make sure special events are in the calendar
  • Balance Checkbook: No explanation really needed.
  • Filing: Once a week keeps this task at a minimum.
  • Expenses: This is what I call my bill paying. Paydays are the day I truly pay bills, this is mostly for making sure the spreadsheet is updated and on-line payments are recorded
Recently, I changed my calendars from Google to Cozi Granted, it is catering to families, I have found it to be a fun calendar to use and it even syncs up with Google. It has additional calendars that you can add as well as Shopping Lists. For example, today I added the Survival Checklist. This allows me to make sure I start amassing items in case of emergency. I.e. sudden tropic storm in Arizona (if Vermont can get a Hurricane, I am sure something can blow this desert into a flurry!). FlyLady is also partner with this group and you can download all the weekly cleaning checklists and daily reminders. Check it out!
Next week, I will have my Monthly NetWorth updated. Still collecting my data.
Off to a late Labor Day BBQ!
au revoir!

A QuIrkY mEsS

I decided to take a month off of blogging to get my life back into routine. I needed to allow my mind, body and soul to get back in sync. I was beginning to feel run-down. fatiqued and sick. I am very much a person who loves schedules, routines and lists. However, over the past few years, I have let that part of life fall to shambles because I was too caught up in survival mode. I allowed outside influences direct my life, basing my decisions on others feelings than myself. So, I am being selfish in my life right now. SELFISH! I have to love me, accept me and rebuild me right now.

This Summer started with making some very rough decisions so I did not to make any in August. I mean, I did decide to go to work and I did decide to eat dinner. I am talking about those earth shattering, turn over a new leaf kind of decisions. I don’t regret leaving behind the drama, the heartache or peoples malicious behavior. I can no longer be a part of something that just causes me to hurt. That is just not acceptable!

It has been rough the last five or so years. I have dealt with some incredible loss not only emotionally but financially as well. I guess my mid-life crisis is happening…what a wonderful adventure this in going to be. I don’t have the funds or passport to go find myself in some exotic locale or Tuscan countryside. I must find it here, in this desert! I have had a bit of a stall in this journey but I am dusting myself off once again and heading out.

So, in this vein, I am starting some new routines and re-viving some well loved routines of the past. The new one is my September Monthly Challenge. I get daily emails from a new age site call DailyOM. It has daily messages and horoscope based words of the day that sometimes hit pretty close to home. What I enjoy the most is the Daily Courses. I have participated in about ten courses thus far and have enjoyed them all. For September, I signed up for 21 Day Yoga Body. This course is awesome. While I am only on day two, I have already incorporated some small changes. There is journal work, videos and additional instruction. Revived an old routine, started turning the TV and computer off one hour prior to going to bed. Added some devotional reading (Daily Celtic Wisdom) too.

I am loving this quiet Sunday morning, reading some blogs, drinking some coffee and listening to music, tis marvelous!

So I WoN’T FoRgEt

Life is too short to allow the violations, losses, misunderstandings, distortions and disappointments of the past to dictate our course moving forward.