Lots of good stuff to be thankful for this year! Mostly, I am thankful for family and friends. I would have been lost this year without them! I am thankful for the silly things, the sad things and wondrous things that have happened this year. And I am thankful to be alive.

I am thankful for Hermione, my sweet Yorkshire terrier. My “who rescued who” pound puppy. This month I took her to Woofstock. The City of Chandler and Maricopa County Animal Services put on a festival of sorts for (wo)man’s best friend. There are numerous vendors, from vets to groomers to animal rescue organizations. Herself is very camera shy and I wasn’t able to get her to sit for one at the festival but I was able to get a good one before we left that morning. I think she had a good time getting lovin’s from everyone and getting a massage!


This year Thanksgiving was hosted by me. I planned the menu, cooked and it was fabulous! We had Cornish Game Hens (not a big fan of turkey), roasted garlic mashed potatoes, strawberry salad, green beans, peas and crescent rolls. My sister contributed a homemade pumpkin pie. (The pumpkin was grown in their vegetable garden). Mom supervised of course. For a lady who does not like to cook…I did damn good! I needed the hugs and kisses from the family. I have been dealing with a rather huge case of depression and fatigue that it just made me feel good to have family here. Sadly, due to my work schedule, they left early Friday morning. I will be taking a road trip for Christmas and will see them again real soon!


Now the weekend is here. Yesterday I cleaned the apartment and did some organizing and decorating for Christmas. Since I will be traveling I decided not to put out the Christmas dishes and just did some subtle decorating. No tree or lights this year but the place still have some flair. I was inspired by a couple of moorrocan lamps and used gold and red as my color palette. The bathroom has candy can stripped towels and a jar filled with red and white ornaments. The bed room has some holiday candles and a hand painted Santa. I am going to get some fake poinsettia flowers to put in a basket in my home office. I also re-organized the hall pantry. My holiday and stock pile stash was getting cluttered.









Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

au revoir

Am I A hIpPiE?

A few weeks ago, Mrs. J and I went on a shopping spree through the Melrose district of Central Phoenix. You can read about our adventures here. We generally run the gamit of topics to talk about but she said something that I haven’t been able to let go. She called me a Hippie! And, my only response was…”What? But I shower!” Mrs. J is very astute. She is an very introspective writer who can sit back and give me a jolt of reality every once in a while that just floors me. And any woman who can raise five children is a hero to me.

I have been pondering this Hippie thing for a few weeks now. Webster defines Hippie as usually a young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic. Well, ok, I would call it being quirky but I can see a bit of a hippie in me. I always see myself as restrained and conventional…does this mean that I still don’t know myself very well?? Probably!

I’d prefer the thought of being somewhat of a Bohemian. A vagabond? A Traveler? With the last seven years spent in the great community of the SCA, yeah, Bohemian fits. This society does foster a communal feel by learning the traits and talents of someone from the middle ages. But, the biggest aspect of being Bohemian is being artistic. WHOA! Hello, not artistic!! Oh wait, yes I am. I surround myself with beautiful found things, I can create a home that is both comfortable and artistic. I have a travelers soul, just not the money. I am willing to listen, give comfort and allow others to express them selves freely without judgment and fear that I will hurt them. When I am not being a crappy old biddy, people generally want to be in my sphere of light.

This pondering has me exploring some hidden fears that I have spent the last thirty plus years trying to suppress. There will always be something different about me. I am redhead! I have always felt the need to fit in but I never, ever felt at peace anywhere. Mrs. J even called me a cool kid at one time but I really never thought I was. I have struggled to fit in a square peg for as long as I can remember. So maybe this is what my midlife crisis is all about…becoming Bohemian.

This truly explains my sudden need to smoke Clove ciggies and drink lots of coffee.

Maybe this journey I thought I started toward abundance, sustainability and devotion is something else entirely. I posted to my facebook last night – How can you be a nomad if you don’t first take the journey? I hate being introspective…it is so adult!

I did not give myself a monthly challenge this November but I am thinking that these challenges need to take on a different road. It could mean making an effort to spend time with friends, taking an extension class with the city or doing a bit more traveling. This life I am leading right now, it is no way to live.

au revoir

DiA dE LoS MUeRtOs

I meant to show this last week but this was my contribution to the Halloween season. Halloween 2011 Dia de Los Muertos

Makeup done by me. I found a tutorial on and use a basic halloween makeup kit found at Party City. I did pick up some setting shadow and liquid eye liner. I borrowed the shawl and dress from Divine Miss M (shown next to me). I did a pretty good job! Mesa has a festival…may do this next year for the festival.

au revoir

JuMPstARt My mOtiVatIoN

It’s November! And Arizona has finally gotten the memo and the weather is turning cold! Thank Sweet Baby Jebus!

It’s been a rough summer dealing with my depression. I seriously believe I could not have made it through without my family and good friends. Even it is was just having ice cream with me or coming over to visit each week or just sending a note of care. I have run my life on empty reserves for far too long. My candled didn’t have two ends…there was no candle!

Now it seems that I have received a jump start to get in gear again. I am losing weight again and am finding that I looking forward to being out and about. Even if it is just for a hour or so, it’s progress. I am working on launching a Etsy project that I hope to have ready by December 1st. Remember that late night burst of inspiration?? It seems to be coming to fruition quicker than I thought. I have received what I consider cosmic nudges (three of them in fact) which is my intuition telling me that I am heading in the right direction! I promise all will be revealed once I have product and my Etsy is ready! It will be on this site, I promise!!

In other news, a certain garden gnome has been very nice to me! I have received several plants on my patio the last few weeks and I could not be happier! I will not have any veggies or herbs until spring but for now, it looks rather pretty again at Le Petit Jardin! Now, I must remember to put “watering the plants” back on the daily to do list! I’ve received geraniums, African Daisy called “Voltage” and a couple of Plectranthus called “Mona Lavender”.

This weekend has been rather quiet. I have been putting as many hours I can during the week so I can enjoy my weekends. I do need the two days to rest and am not willing to get my body worn down. I have been taking care to not rush but I feel I have accomplished so much. I started the weekend with re-arranging a book case. I recently saw an episode of HGTV’s Great Rooms called Born Again Bohemian. The homeowner had a wonderful built in bookcase in the living room. She took all the books and arranged them by spine color. Black spines, blue, yellow…I am sure you can get the picture.

So, this inspired me to arrange mine the same way. Mine were previously arrange by topic, i.e. gardening, finance. This took up a lot of space as each shelf held a certain topic. The whole project took about 45 minutes and it opened up three extra shelves on the second book case. They are arranged by color and then each author is arranged alphabetically. And there is space to grow. With the open space on other book case, I was able to store craft supplies and my collection of decorating books.

The rest of the morning was spent running weekend errands and grocery shopping. I found some great things at the thrift shop too. The best was what I call a shop organizer. It was marked at $5.99…it was half day at GW…so it went home with me for $2.99! I also found a couple of books, two tops, a creative memories tote, two decorative boxes, an overnight bag, and two holly mugs to go with my holly holiday dishes.

Now it’s Sunday afternoon and my home smells of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Soon I will need to get ready for a new week. Until then, here’s some photos of the awesome shop organizer.

au revoir