HoLd, PLeaSe

In order to work on a numerous projects and concentrate on work I am putting my blog on hiatus until further notice. I hope to work on content and structure once I had a chance to sit down and write it all out. See you soon.


Been sick and haven’t had the energy to post. Life is stress again and I am not coping well…which leads me to getting sick.

F*ck This!

Le PeTiT JaRDiN, In DeMIse

The heat has really taken a toll on my little garden. This years monsoon season is just bizarre. The biggest being a huge dust storm that blew through a few days ago. I have lost my cucumber plant as a result. The tomatoes are just about go too. So much for having some fresh vegetables!

I will look into some plantings once this heat has passed and hopefully have a chance to have some fresh produce this fall.

Poor sad cucumber plant.

BuGGer ThAt!

So, down to $160 left in my budget for the July Food Stamp Challenge. Bugger! It’s not news to me that I eat out…a lot! This really has been an eye opening experience, to see how much it is affecting my budget. I still have to buy next weeks groceries. The shopping list is just right under the $50 limit. No More Eating Out!

I am going to give a meal plan a try. I am going to cook something in the crock pot and hope it helps with combating the “I will just pick something up on the way home” song and dance. We shall see…still 24 days left in the challenge!



ReNeWed, REfRESheD, ReCHaRgeD

I always come home from a visit with the family feeling a little bit lighter. I spent the holiday weekend with my mom and sister. It was awesome to see that they are really, truly safe from the recent fires. And all I did was eat! I was there on Friday evening late so we all just went to bed. Saturday, we ran errands, did a bit of shopping and spent the evening watching The King’s Speech and Despicable Me. Sunday, my sister made homemade blueberry muffins with crispy nitrate free  BACON! We went to a BBQ at a friends house and ended the evening with a dessert buffet with even more friends! Now I am  home and getting ready for the upcoming week.

I am on day four-ish of the July Food Stamp Challenge. I am down to $166 to spend for the rest of the month. I have reviewed what I have in the fridge and have what is needed for this weeks lunches, breakfast and small dinners. I will have $50 to spend for groceries on Saturday. I am good on all my non-food items (soaps, etc) so I can concentrate solely on the challenge.

Looking forward to some new and exciting things this month! So many plans, so little time!

LeSsonS LeArnEd

Maybe starting a monthly challenge, while on vacation with family, is not the brightest of ideas! My budget is down to $171 after taking my family to lunch. Lesson learned is to share the meal instead of each individual meals and drinks. Egads!

HeLlO aGaIn

A year has passed on my little humble blog and I noticed that I have not given myself a monthly challenge in quite a while. I came across one on the blog from Non Consumer Advocate called July Food Stamp Challenge. Based on what I read, for a family of one, my monthly budget should be $200. Which is right in line with what I spend anyway. However, I am taking a page from her blog and will also include the monies that I would spend on meals outside the home too. Yikes. That is really going to cut down on my trips to El Pollo Loco!

In other exciting news! I SAVED ENOUGH MONEY FROM MY COUPONING THAT I GET TO PURCHASE MY RED MICROWAVE! So damn excited! Since I started this in May, I have saved $75 dollars for the microwave. I told my mom today that I could not remember the last time I actually saved for something. I have either just purchased it and suffered the consequences or bought it on credit. So, I am going to pat myself on my back and head to the red dot store and get me my microwave!

July just started but it looks to be a good month already. I have signed up from some really fun classes on self-improvement, yoga, meditation, shopping and fitness. I have dropped an activity that was no longer bringing me joy and suddenly find that I have an abundance of other things opening up. I am going to look at it all and then select things that help me feel centered and focused. I am also thinking about going back to school…some many possibilities, so little time.