FuLl FRidGe

As a young adult, I often told my family that I had three choices for dinner. 1) Cook 2) Order out or 3) Starve.  Well, 1 & 3 were not often my choices. As a result, my fridge and pantry are often bare. No so much now. My pantry is quickly filling up with a great supply of items. With my couponing, I have about two or three of everything in supply. I am still wavering on purchases of condiments. I may end up donating those items to a food bank. I just don’t use them enough to even have those in supply.

The best deals for me this past week were the 15 Sobe’s that I got for less than 5 bucks. Purchase 15, get $5 off and then the remaining 10 were .67 each, less 1.50 store coupon off of 5! CVS had a one day sale, .99 for a 12 pack of Pepsi! And the 16 pound bag of Boots & Barkley Indoor cat food for $8.99.  I am still only a month into my couponing adventure and am still very excited by it all.

I LOVE TO SHOP. The trips with the coupons are fun for me and fulfill that urge to shop. Also, I am learning to stick to my list a bit more than I have in the past. AND, I am saving money. I currently have 30 dollars toward my microwave purchase. Not every week results in a great amount of savings but the results are in the fridge. I am spending about five hours a week looking  deals on the items I need. Some times the deals work and there have been a couple of deals that were not even on the shelves. I am thankful for the money I am saving and getting my debts chopped down.

And you know what, my options for dinner can be answered with #1, COOK!



MoNEy MaTtErs

It has been a while since I sat down and wrote about my finances. I am a debtor and am fully admitting my issues with money. I have not attended a DA meeting in months. The debt collectors still call and I owe the IRS and State more than I care to. This is my addiction! It’s a dumb place to be, but I still manage to pay my bills.

Anyway, there are some positive things happening. I have made a rather small dent in my debt. Paid off five of my smallest bills. I have been taking the overtime I have earned and used that to put towards my debts. I utilized my company’s 401(k) and set only 1% of my bi-monthly paycheck towards retirement. I am starting way late and this will not be my only vehicle of retirement, just a start.

I have noticed that I am starting to have money between pay periods which is awesome. I am having daily struggles of “I could buy this, I have the money” and seem to be able to talk myself out of a shopping spree. I tell myself, “I have enough”. Hey, whatever it takes! I am still struggling with the monhtly expenses. There is a bit of “I deserve satellite TV!” and am recluntant to turn it off. Plus, I am also helping my mother by paying her bills and that is close to $300 per month. Before long, I will need to sit down and make a plan to reduce my monthly expenses so I can pay off more debts and still have just a bit for myself. I don’t want to grow this mentality that I am poor, because I am not. Just debt ridden!

So here is the latest snapshot of my networth. I look forward to seeing what it will look like in a year or so.

HOt! hOt! HoT!

No lie, my state is in hell. Northeast Arizona, the area is covered in the Wallow fire. While south of me, a fire is inching it’s way towards my family. They are currently safe, and have the car ready with family photos and prized possessions. I am exhausted from doing the rain dance non-stop! I am worried but am glad to know my family is prepared and ready to evacuate should the need arise!

Summer officially starts this week but we are already at 100 degree weather. Yuck!

The patio garden is doing alright. I am currently researching pesticides that are natural. Something is attacking my tomatoes before they have a chance to ripen. However, the herbs are taking over. The basil loves the patio! This weekend I replaced the daisies with a salmon colored Impatiens.

Life is getting busy once again with summer fun stuff. At least this will help me create some topics for the blog!


Humph! Today’s coupon shopping experience was a total bust! Walgreens items that were supposed to be on sale, weren’t. CVS’s items were all gone. I had a coupon for 10 yogurts and only four were on the shelf. Luckily, I was able to use my raincheck on the catfood that I needed this week. Still, I am able to get a weeks worth of vegetables and fruits for under $10!

I have only been doing this for less than a month…I will keep going!

This weeks coupons seem to have a lot of the things I use. That is going to help a lot. I also took some time to set up my stockpile list so I am not over buying. I don’t need another 18 rolls of toilet paper!


reDo, PaRT DoS

This past Memorial weekend was spent re-arranging the apartment. With the help of my Not My Husband, I was able to get some of my project list completed. And with the recent purging of stuff, Not My Husband’s Wifey got to shop and use what ever she needed. At least I know my dad’s stereo went to a good home.

I started in the kitchen, just the basic clean as I really can’t change much of the structure. Also, I re-organized it back  in January. Those changes are just perfect. I was thinking about moving the table in the dining area but found that I gave up too much space for the recycling area and the configuration just looked off any other way.

In the living room, Not My Husband removed the big entertainment center (which went to the office) and removed an old TV and stereo systems I had not used on over 7 years. Then, moved the big tv into the cabinet space. I brought up the bench from my bedroom giving my living room some extra sitting space. With the large pillow beneath it the furry childrens have a place to rest and lounge too.

In the office, I put the rolltop desk into my bedroom. Removed the large four drawer file cabinet and placed the entertainment center into the corner. I only had to move a bookcase a bit to the left to allow space for the supply dresser. After using this for several days, I have found that the laptop doesn’t fit right with the desk but with the wireless now in the house, this has worked it’s self out. I only have to hook-up the lap top when I need to print anyway.

The bathroom area was just cleaned and no major changes there. The hallway had a book-case that I also removed and hung up a picture

And lastly, the bed room. I left the bed in the same area, added the roll top and moved the dresser.

It’s like I moved, but different