There is a new thrift shop in town and it is called…Epic. I gave it a go-see on it’s opening day and scored a H&M shirt for $3.99 along with a Ann Taylor top for $3.99. It was very organized and when you walked in, the smell of baked cookies filled the air. Monday is $1 tag day and if I have any money on Memorial Day, I will give the sale day a try.


I have been watching, like millions of Americans, the Extreme Couponing show on TLC. There are many factors that I find fascinating but at the same time…who the hell needs to buy twelve containers of Mustard for a family of two? Ummm…I would find four to be an excess. My reality is that I don’t have the space, let alone the need to have a stockpile of Twelve mustards. I do, however, see that couponing has it merits. I figure if I can get as much joy of getting a H&M shirt for $3.99 at my local thrift shop, then I am going to have a grand time getting my groceries and life necessities for pennies!

BUT! I have my own rules if I am going to join this bandwagon. First, I have to have a goal for all this savings. Second, there will be no stockpile item of more than three like items each. Lastly, share the knowledge.

For the first rule. I decided that my coupon savings will be applied to my Wish List purchases. For example, I really would like to get a wireless router for my apartment. So I have researched and priced the one that I want. After my first shopping excursion using coupons have I had a chance to apply $14.56 to this purchase. (yes, you read that right…I saved some money!) Second rule is born out of necessity, I am in a tiny two bedroom one bath apartment, space is limited. The three stockpile rule will be enough to have one in use and two spares. At lastly, Rule Three…sharing the knowledge. I am working with the family to get them on my bandwagon. I hope to have them set up by June!

I have signed up with CouponSense and am currently building up my coupon stash. (Readers: if you do decide to sign up, send me your email…I would love to get the referral points!) Since I am a 40plus hour a work week kinda gal, I went with this site because use they do the review of the weekly advertisements and match the coupons with the sales. Along with that, I found three excellent blogs that go the extra mile of finding deals. They are KrazyCouponLady, Living Rich With Coupons, and Healthy Life Deals. From these sites alone I got a $10 off purchase of $50 or more at OfficeDepot (which I will be using for my printer ink!), a coupon for organic salad mix I can use at Sprouts and $1 off potting soil. That is in the last two days alone!

I am still working a chipping away at my mongo debt so I figure a little savings in this area will help. And this gives me the opportunity to learn the great art of savings and finding an excellent deal!

This has also lead me to review my debts once again and do some soul searching on my current spending plan. I am going to be switching some things around to allow for even more debts to be paid. My goal is to get this debt cut in half by the end of the year. I am still looking to move next summer…I can haz goals peoples!

I am truly excited about getting out of my own personal financial purgatory and moving onto some really wonderful things!


So little miss pink wellies has had some success in her modest little patio garden. This week alone, I had my first strawberry ripen (it taste so damn good!) and two tomatoes are getting ready to ripen! Go me!

Strawberry, get in my belly!

I swear there is a mater in there!

Today, I am getting to a scrapbooking event to work on my calendar for 2012. I found a site through one of the blogs I read and purchased some sticker tabs I am tweaking my layout so I have a more space to write. Found a really cool looking blank journal at Ross for about five bucks! I will post some pics to show the progress.

Next weekend is Memorial weekend and I think I am going to use that weekend to work on somethings in the apartment. I am halfway through the year for re-organizing and I am getting tired of the layout of my bedroom. I would like to set up an area where I can sit and do my makeup and hair. Change the layout a bit. I was going to go to visit my family but I am going to see them for 4th of July instead.

I have some exciting ideas for my blog that I have brewing in my head. I am setting myself a goal to post more often but allow for life to happen also. In the meantime, I will watch my garden grow!


What the heck!? I am a bad blogger! Bad! Nothing posted in a month! It’s not because of the lack of something to say…just haven’t sat my ass down and blogged! Things are good here. I recently posted on my Facebook how much I loved my life. There are so many reasons…and I will not list them tonight. It may be due to the fact that I have had one major headache in 10 days…instead of 2 or more. Or the fact that I am on B12 shots that make me go zoom! Or just the simple fact that life is once again in a good flow. I am not going to tempt fate…just gonna enjoy it.