The redhead’s mating call!

Anyway, gearing up for some adventures in finances this coming weekend. As I decided not be fought for in Crown, I am going to work on finances. The months organizing is about creating budgets and getting ready for taxes. So once again, I will be going through all the paperwork I have, update and create a new game plan for paying off the debt. There is no OT right now, so I need to find some creative ways to get this debt paid down.

This is the NetWorth as of today…but I will be changing it this weekend.


Give me passion, pursuits, wholeness, healing, compassion, mercy, reconciliation, audacious goals, beauty, love, grace, kindness, tender touch…give me those instead, and let me not be distracted by less.

I found this quote today while reading one of my favorite blogs. It was on Small Notebook‘s site and was more about how to reconcile stuff versus the pursuit of fullness in life. After some tough personal decisions this past week, I found it hit the mark on what I am going through. I find myself in a rather peculiar spot in my life. I have given myself a “clean slate” and pretty much have carte blanche to create some changes.

In the meantime, I spent this weekend getting the bedroom organized. I went through my closet and dresser, de-cluttered a bunch of clothes I no longer wear and cleaned top to bottom. Organized my SCA outfits and am in the midst of seven loads of laundry. There is once again a huge pile to go to the DW. Speaking of which, did a bit of thrifting this weekend. Found some long sleeve shirts, Hillard & Hanson shoes, a killer dress and another glass lidded jar from Italy. Spent about thirty total on 6 shirts, 1 pair of shoes and the couple other items. I scored big time.

Next month is all about organizing paperwork. Getting things ready for the tax man.  meh…gotta go fold the laundry.


My SUV Maggie is no longer in my life. I guess I already used up the extra “year” that I wanted so I could payoff debts. There was an issue with the her gushing out bucket loads of coolant. My mechanic stated he could look at it and maybe fix it. It was the maybe part of the conversation that sent me over to my local DriveTime to look at vehicles. After testing about six vehicles, I choose the 2007 Chevy Malibu. Which I nicknamed “Estrella” because my down payment equaled the amount of my spending money for my upcoming event. She is loaded with cool extras including heated seats and fuel economy calculator. Huge trunk and is zippy around town.

I am not too upset about moving up my time frame as I still get to set aside savings and freedom account monies. With my raise, I can use that to pay down my debts. So I am not too far off course.

No WaNNA!!

In about ten days I will be heading out to a big event for my SCA group. Right now, I could care less about preparing. My no wanna meter has hit 11 and I would rather blog about it, than prepare for it. My head is wrapped up in other pressing issues.  My SUV, Maggie,  my trusty friend and travel companion is slowly dying. I just recently paid her off and now she is showing her age. Something is going on with the thermostat housing (according to my mechanic) and she is leaking coolant. I am really trying to remain calm and not dwell on the ‘what if’s’ and just let the Universe direct me. It ain’t easy.

There are just a couple of items I need to get completed for my event. I have it pretty easy this year as I am not camping but staying in one of the rooms on site. I am happy about it as I can pretty much stay away from certain drama filled camps. I am excited about meeting some people I have only corresponded with and hanging with my sister, Miss Thea and other wonderful friends. I am sure the fervor for War will surface once I deal with my automobile issues.

I am reading up on some blog ideas and am still trying to focus my blog into a cohesive image. There are just so many things that I am interested in and I don’t want this to be a jumbled mess. How do I string together the thoughts of money, gardening, faith, hobbies, life, simplicity, and still make it readable? As I review others blogs, they do focus on one subject matter. So do I want my blog to be about my journey of simplicity? My tag line is about Abundance, Devotion and Sustainability…ummmmmm…hello, it’s staring you in the face Stobaugh! Heh, sometimes just writing things out helps get that creativity going. Love it when that happens.

This helped a lot, and now I can work on getting this blog up and going with more posts and things. Quirky, fun, heart-felt posts. So excited!

WhEre ThE HeLl diD jAnUaRY GO?

I have been so into the job and new year that I have been rather neglectful of my blog. Things are a bit rough lately and I don’t want my blog to be about whiny things and hopeless other things. As life generally goes, things eventually work out.

I am sitting here contemplating my post and wondering if I should clean my apartment or re-organize my bedroom. Last month, the kitchen was done. Mostly, I went through all the spices, utensils, and misc. crap I own and pared down. My goal of having a nice sized pantry is really working out and I love that every time I need to shop for stock, I have a coupon. The kitchen is about as organized as I can get it with the space I have in the apartment. I grouped items too, i.e. baking items…all in one area. Not hunting in that cabinet or that drawer. I will setting aside some cash to purchase a red microwave…hush, it’s red and goes with the kitchen theme!

This month is about the bedroom and preparing the finances for tax stuff in March. Along with that, preparing for a major SCA event in the middle of month and various other projects. I am feeling a bit lethargic lately so I will be making an appointment to get my blood checked. I am sure {yes, I know} some vitamins would do the trick and get me moving again.

I am really ready for spring to be here. Winter is always a bit rough and I am no good with the cold. Tonight I will dream of warm and sunny places!