LiFe, LIbErTy & THe PUrsUit oF CoOkIeS

Time flies, whether we are having fun or not. Recently, I took myself to Urgent Care because I had been dizzy for about three straight days. I had/have a minor infection and no explanation for the current status of being dizzy. However, I finally got a doctor to listen to me about my migraines. So today was my CT scan. Not a bad trip at all and was rather quick. Now it is just waiting to hear about the results. I was told that I should have them soon but my soon and their soon is two different things entirely.

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and seeing to things that I have not had a chance to resolve (like mail sitting in my mail box). Friends are coming by later to take me to DQ cuz this mOnkey needs some ice cream. Later, I gonna make some lists. I have what seems like elevenitybillion projects looming around my skull and I think it is time to put pen to paper.

Found some incredible sites today. Check out It is a website that home delivers items like toothpaste to stamps with no shipping. Also, they have a rather great selection of eco-friendly products. Also, links your grocery shopper card to the electronic coupons so that on your next visit your coupons are already on your card.

Waiting seems to be my game right now. Either in regards to my work, life or health. Patience is not my strong suit.

and mOnkey my dear, there are no cookies.

FasHiOn, TUrn tO ThE LEfT!

So I have finished two of the three outfits I previously posted. Here is what I created. Look Number 1 comes from Instyle (september 2010 issue). Cardigan $385, Shirt $71, Shoes $225 and bag $550. Total of $1231 for this look.

I am a Label Whore so when I went to GW I looked for items from places like Ann Taylor and the like. Here is what I purchased. Pants by Investment $2.99, Ann Taylor Cardigan $2.99, Liz Claiborne Sweater $2.99, Coach bag $6.50, and the shoes are a previous purchase from Marshall’s Chinese Laundry $19.99. My total cost for this look = $35.46

The second look is from AllYou September Issue. Shirt $25, Jacket $40, Bag $80 and Shoes $30 = $175

I pulled the following together Alamode Jacket $7.99, Old Navy Shirt $3.50, Nine West shoes $4.99 and Dooney Burke Bag $3.99 for a total of $20.47.

I purchased a majority of the items at Goodwill, either using the tag day special or the half off Saturday’s. This Thrifty Fashionista is quite happy with herself.

GoNe BuT NOt FoRtGotTeN

This past Labor Day weekend was spent out of town. In a very last decision on my part, I traveled to SV for an event and to visit my family. It was an exceptionally wonderful weekend. I had a great time catching up with SCA folks, seeing my awesome family and got to see Bisbee…oh how I miss Bisbee.

I am feeling rather worn out tonight and the main reason I am blogging is because Mr. R has allowed me to purchase a refurbished laptop from him. So I am excited, trying to fend of the rather large dose of sleepy i have been given.

I don’t think it is a good idea to blog when sleepy


Since about June I have given myself a monthly challenge. It started with riding public transportation to work (via Phoenix’s Metro Link), taking five minute showers (vs. 15 minutes), and last months with reducing my Eating Out amount. I am looking forward to seeing how much I reduced my spending in that department. I will be posting that at month end along with all the other interesting financial news I have.  So for September, I am working on clothes. Below are three ‘Looks’ that I found in the latest issues of AllYou and InStyle magazine. The goal is to replicate the look using all used clothes. I am not sure at this point if I will just concentrate on one look are try to go with all three. I have three very great store to shop at and I am really looking forward to seeing what I can pull off.

Sorry if the picture quality is poor, i could not locate the specific looks on the magazines websites. I will take a picture of me in the outfits I put together and will give a total of each outfit vs the cost as shown on the original picture. These little monthly challenges are very fun and the Lord knows, I love to shop!

tHe GAmE PlAn

For the past couple of months I have been working on so many aspects of my life. It’s like a whirling dervish in my mind with all the plans, challenges, break-throughs, and epiphanies! I decided about a week or more ago that I would make a game plan. I initially picked two areas that I wanted to concentrate on for the remainder of the year. The first two were finances and building my business. The third one I left to fate. I made a small pile of paper with an “aspect” I wanted to concentrate on. They were Urban Homesteading, simplicity/compact, fitness, and decorating. Fate picked Urban Homesteading.

I worked on finances game plan for the last couple of days. I now have all my debts listed, tracked and ready for the repayment plan. I have my first debt goal of having my SUV paid off by 12/31/2010. And in October, I will be opening an ING Direct account for my efund (starting small and building it up to $1,000). I revamped my monthly spending plan, created a bill paying procedure, and created a notebook with all my current debts in alphabetical order. I found the spreadsheet program on It’s Your Money website while trying to find a debt reducing program. One of the items on my game plan was to pick a financial system and implement it. I decided to go with Mary Hunt’s program as it fits what I want to do and frankly, it made sense to me. I am not feeling so vauge any more about what I owe. Now, it’s just paying it off!

The buisness building and urban homesteading are still in the planning stages so I will post on those later. I still have a few thoughts brewing in my head.  Such as, what challenge will I set for myself in September?? How am I going to make it to Tuesday…I feel like I haven’t had a paycheck for about six weeks when it has been about three! Anyway, I will let the thoughts brew and go from there.

a BluSh

Two really cool things happened recently. Today, I was given Kudos from one of the toughest underwriters at our site. She sent the email all the way up to the managers. It’s been tough there lately and I happy to know I am making an impression.

Second, I am happy to see my blog posted on the Bon Bon Rose Girl list of bloggy blogs!

In other news, I am totally bored,


I swtiched DSL providers and have been without internets for over a week! It’s all better now.

My thoughts are way jumbled at the moment so I think it would be best to save blogging for another time.

So VErY LaZy

It’s already Sunday afternoon and my day has consisted of doing nothing. No wait… I took a mid morning nap. This may be followed by a mid afternoon nap. Had a very impromptu weekend. Nothing planned but very nice indeed. Got a call on Thursday from my friend Christine in Tucson wanting to know if I would be up for a sleep-over! So Friday night was spent eating pizza, wings and fruit punch! Nom, Nom, Nom. We both crashed early and slept in late. Wonderful way to start a weekend. We ended up going to lunch with Mr. R at Chino’s and then a quick trip to beer heaven. Then we headed over to Mr. R’s because he gave me his old tv. It’s the biggest TV I have ever had and I am still not sure how I am going to get this thing hooked-up. Not really worried about it at the moment. I can’t help but feel that I just received some consolution prize for all the crap I was put through on his behalf. Oh well, he wasn’t alone in this mess so if I get a big TV out of it, bully for me.

With the TV safely in my apartment I headed off to pick up Nikki from the airport, back home to shower and get ready for sushi and Eat Pray Love with Nikki. I enjoyed the book so much more but I was not too disappointed in the movie. I got an entirely different message from the movie than the book. And a new desire to try this dish. Oh does it look yummy! Today, well, totally lazy day. I was up early due to an upset tummy and having the history of Twin Moons removed from my life once and for all. (Yea, after stepping down in March, the new seneschal FINALLY picked up the baronial records!) I am sure I should have a bath…after my nap I think.

TeCh GrL

I have fallen in love…with my new wireless phone. It is like heaven for me. I was a Blackberry girl, but now it’s all Droid! I  inadvertently got a new cell phone through my new business. Basically, I was checking out the ordering features on my website and I signed up with Verizon. I really thought I would get denied (credit SUX!) but no. I now am the proud user of all things Droid. Touchscreen. It’s like having an iphone but totally different. And it syncs up with google. The best feature is the calendar. It is perfect for me and my scheduling. Also, I really like the messaging features. It groups all messages by sender. So you don’t have to jump over messages to see what you last sent someone. Actually, the really best part is that it was FREE!!! I will be phasing out the blackberry and using the Ally for the majority of my emails and messaging.

It is my precious!

(so not compact i know, but you will have to pry this  baby out of my cold dead hands!)

TufF ENuFf?

I rarely complain about my job. I have had a great boss, who now has left. I work well with others, train others and am a self starter. But there are changes coming down the line that are only encouraging me to follow being in business for myself. I made a few calls today. I wanted to do twenty but my throat hurts and so does my right ear. I chatted with a few peeps today via chat about my business so at least I am spreading the word.

I am going to put on some comfy clothes and watch some mindless television.  I can haz tired

nite nite