Recently, one of the blogs I read gave some thoughts on creating or maintaining your vision for your blog. I don’t blog professionally so I never gave it much thought. Organize Your Way had a simply spreadsheet that you can use to center in on the focus. I figure that I need to have some kind of vision on this blog. So my October Challenge is to create my vision for this blog. I don’t expect many changes but this does give me a chance to funnel my thoughts.

I got a chance this weekend to work on some projects at home. Still uspet about work. Guess they have no worries of people leaving in droves. Just wish they would lighten up on the micro managing. I really love doing my job but being unable to preform the the tasks is just crazy. Time to dust up the resume and get it circulating again.





It’s has been a very long and exhausting week at work. As per company policy, not allowed to vent on my blog…but needless to say, things are getting rather rough. I work tomorrow, which I am not happy about but I am looking forward to a quiet rest of the weekend. Tonight, a group of us went to Second Friday in downtown Mesa. It was a really good time of catching up with people, meeting new people, and getting a chance to look at all the creative people. I got a lot of cards from local Steampunk artists that I am going to look up. And I will be going to a Steampunk event next March in Tucson.   Yet another fun & exciting thing to look forward to…oh, wait…I think that is Crown weekend…dang it!

Got some supplies and such to start my Kingdom 12th Night garb. I purchase 2+ yards (60wide) dark blue Pendleton Wool for the Viking Apron. Found some great knotwork designs  to incorporate my theme of time. It is my plan to get the embroidery designs started this weekend. I am going to do a practice piece to see how this stuff works.  Estrella War Prep is about to commence too. I know I have repairs to make to my camping equipment and clothes to make. Always a very busy time of the year.

As for the perception, well that has to do with Mr. R. It was brought to my attention that am I giving those around me the “impression” that Mr. R and I are getting back together. Ummm…never were technically together. Yes, we were around each other a lot last weekend,  but Mr. R and I are not dating. I have learned to set my boundaries with him and it is going rather well. Truth is, I will never be as important to him as he is to me. This is a reality. Until I become a priority to him, we will never be more than just friends. I find it a bit disheartening that people believe that he and I will be a couple. I admit I love the guy but all I can ever think about is the hurt and betrayal. I don’t think there will ever be a level of trust between us to heal that up. Then there is his asking me to be his consort for March Crown. This decision still needs a lot of thought. or maybe I just need a beer

There is always something going on in my little work.