I am totally not feeling it today. I am stressing about my money (the total lack of). Tired of trying to figure out how I am going to pay for gas and electricity this week. I already bounced two checks. I have got the learn to do things differently. This is stupid.

And the things with Mr. R are twisting me up again.

So, not a very good day.

LiFe, LIbErTy & THe PUrsUit oF CoOkIeS

Time flies, whether we are having fun or not. Recently, I took myself to Urgent Care because I had been dizzy for about three straight days. I had/have a minor infection and no explanation for the current status of being dizzy. However, I finally got a doctor to listen to me about my migraines. So today was my CT scan. Not a bad trip at all and was rather quick. Now it is just waiting to hear about the results. I was told that I should have them soon but my soon and their soon is two different things entirely.

Spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry and seeing to things that I have not had a chance to resolve (like mail sitting in my mail box). Friends are coming by later to take me to DQ cuz this mOnkey needs some ice cream. Later, I gonna make some lists. I have what seems like elevenitybillion projects looming around my skull and I think it is time to put pen to paper.

Found some incredible sites today. Check out It is a website that home delivers items like toothpaste to stamps with no shipping. Also, they have a rather great selection of eco-friendly products. Also, links your grocery shopper card to the electronic coupons so that on your next visit your coupons are already on your card.

Waiting seems to be my game right now. Either in regards to my work, life or health. Patience is not my strong suit.

and mOnkey my dear, there are no cookies.

FasHiOn, TUrn tO ThE LEfT!

So I have finished two of the three outfits I previously posted. Here is what I created. Look Number 1 comes from Instyle (september 2010 issue). Cardigan $385, Shirt $71, Shoes $225 and bag $550. Total of $1231 for this look.

I am a Label Whore so when I went to GW I looked for items from places like Ann Taylor and the like. Here is what I purchased. Pants by Investment $2.99, Ann Taylor Cardigan $2.99, Liz Claiborne Sweater $2.99, Coach bag $6.50, and the shoes are a previous purchase from Marshall’s Chinese Laundry $19.99. My total cost for this look = $35.46

The second look is from AllYou September Issue. Shirt $25, Jacket $40, Bag $80 and Shoes $30 = $175

I pulled the following together Alamode Jacket $7.99, Old Navy Shirt $3.50, Nine West shoes $4.99 and Dooney Burke Bag $3.99 for a total of $20.47.

I purchased a majority of the items at Goodwill, either using the tag day special or the half off Saturday’s. This Thrifty Fashionista is quite happy with herself.

GoNe BuT NOt FoRtGotTeN

This past Labor Day weekend was spent out of town. In a very last decision on my part, I traveled to SV for an event and to visit my family. It was an exceptionally wonderful weekend. I had a great time catching up with SCA folks, seeing my awesome family and got to see Bisbee…oh how I miss Bisbee.

I am feeling rather worn out tonight and the main reason I am blogging is because Mr. R has allowed me to purchase a refurbished laptop from him. So I am excited, trying to fend of the rather large dose of sleepy i have been given.

I don’t think it is a good idea to blog when sleepy