Blogs, they have become my newest obsession….that and everything google. I have spent countless hours away from my tv just sit and visit (virtual) strangers and catch a glimpse of their lives. My choices range from Urban Homestead to Vintage to Crafty to Compacty. It all started here on design*sponge. It has grown to about 30+ blogs that I read on a daily basis. In so many ways, it has opened my eyes to the perspectives of other women. It’s just another community of like-minded individuals that don’t know each other. I am not sure who is reading my posts but to know someone is, well, that’s just cool.

Then there is google! It is the coolest thing since sliced bread, people! At first, I could not stand the gmail….”Where are the folders?” Now, I have about 32 different labels that categorize the emails. Click on the label, boom, all the emails lined up for me to review or destroy (delete, i like destroy better). Google docs, it rocks. Calendar, well, life-saver! And I can access this from my blackberry, oh the joys of technology! It makes my heart pitter-pat!

But coolest part of it all is having Hermione, lying by my feets. Life, it is good, m’kay!

So nOt WhAT I hAd PlANeD FoR tHe WeEKenD

I caught some kind of bug. Or it’s just a manifestation of my stress…dunno, but I feel like crap. So, I am laying low this weekend. Staying in, rest and recuperating. I am listening to what my body has to say and it’s saying ‘we want sleep and rest and lots of naps’.

My business is starting rather slowly but steadily. I have three prospective recruits that I will be meeting with on Tuesday. This weekend, I plan on sending out a Hi, I launched my business letter. If I send out about 30, I am bound to get two or more replies. I have a website and will have a business line by the beginning of next week. I plan on getting the video phone as soon as I can cuz that thing is fricken awesome! I will probably be doing a bunch of reading this weekend too. I got a few on Network Marketing that I thought would be good to read up on.

Anyway, time for some rest and a cup of peppermint tea to settle my stomach…ugh, not doing so good tonight

TUrNinG OveR a nEw leAf

The time has come to break free of the comfort zone. To boldly go where I have never gone before. I am in business for myself. I signed up under my mom. Why?!? If this is just one way to help her out, then I am going to do it. It’s my future too and I want to be able to enjoy it, travel the world, finish school…you name it. Right now, I am willing to do what others will not, so later I will have the things other can’t have. I expect naysayer’s and being told NO!, go ahead…someone is going to say yes and that is the person that will start the ball rolling. And truthfully, with stepping back from the SCA, this allows me to pour my energy into something that is fullfilling, rewards me for my hard work and gives me a future that I built. Why would I say no to that?

It has been a rather exciting weekend. Saturday, I went to a training and then spent the afternoon getting my hair cut and colored by Jessy and Tito. I love it, I feel like a whole new woman. Funny, but all I can say is that I feel that this is the icing on my cake! New body, new goals, new hair cut, new Kate Spade bag, and now a whole new life. I have a spring in my step and I am smiling! God help ya all!!! I am smiling…yes, me! I haven’t felt this excited in quite a while. It’s empowering!!!  I digress, Friday I stopped by PLRG and spotted a Kate Spade bag $24, at 10% off! And then I went to thier other location and scored a Ann Taylor dress…originally, $28…half off! I love that store. Today, I realized that my entire outfit was 2nd hand and I looked like a million bucks…but the whole outfit cost $50 (and 20 of it was just the KS bag!). And nothing was bought new! Granted, it was still spending…but it wasn’t new!

Today, I met Nikki for a movie and a quick lunch before heading home to clean up the house and do two weeks worth of laundry. I guess I should be grateful I have enough underwear to last me a couple of weeks! TV wasn’t too exciting tonight and I wasn’t even in the mood for TrueBlood tonight so I am working on some things in the office before I start on my evening routine to get ready for this coming week. Gotta make some phone calls!