CoMForT zONe

There is nothing more frightening then leaving your comfort zone. I still have a hard time believing that skinny woman I see in the mirror is actually me. I am proud of my accomplishment in this area. I am proud to have maintained that weight loss and taking the steps nescessary to continue to stay healthy.

Now I have come to a new crossroad in my life. My apartment feels like a home and my ideas are quickly coming to fruition. It is every empowering to me. I think others see it too. Been told I look happier! Go me. My comfort zone is being bulldozed soon, I am going to become a Independent Representative of ACN. They are  a telecommunications company that offers internet, cell, phone and security services. I have borrowed every book in the library on network marketing. This is way out of my comfort zone. However, if I can even earn just $500 bucks a month I will be that much closer of taking care of my debts.  My biggest reason for doing this is to be able to get my mom on her feet again. I want her to have a comfortable ‘retirement’ and not worry if the bills get paid on time or how she is going to do it. Enough is enough. Same goes for me. In part, I have made a pact with myself. With ACN, I am required to attend weekly meetings for DA. No exceptions (except maybe a holiday). No matter how tired, worn out and pissy I am, I will attend. Anyone want to bookend that with me?? It’s time to shake things up a bit!!!

As for the seedlings….they are germinating!!!! and they ahve been watered and carefully monitored. Safe form pesky felines. Almost time to do some planting. w00t! Jana and mom brought some of my garden supplies when they visited this past weekend. I have my potting table!!! so excited!

Have a rather busy coming up. Friday, errands and help Jay clean the house. Saturday, I have a training from 10 to 1, followed by my hair appointment…so excited, cut and color!! The Sunday, I will most likely take myself to a early matinée of Despicable Me and laundry.

SOw aGIan

Master Gardner Isabeau

Had a wonderful weekend visiting with mom and sis. It was a much needed, relaxing weekend spent with those who love me the most. There was no agenda, no set rules or places to be. Spent most of Saturday with Jana, visiting the Mesa swapmeet and a bit of shopping at Sprouts. Had a PBR meeting for ACN for mom. I am going to sign up myself. I like what they have to offer and I need something to fill the void when it comes to the SCA. Spent today just relaxing, making stuff with my sis and she helped me with a garden idea that I had. Truly awesome.

Now they have headed home and I am going to spend the rest of my sunday being lazy. It’s how I roll. I cleared out the dead seedlings and planted some new ones under the watchful eye of the Master Gardner Isabeau. Wait till she learns I am going to grow catnip!!!

For the first time in a long time, I feel excited. That all the work on have put into letting of the rubbish is now bringing new and wonderful adventures.

NoT sO viCTorIoUS

Dismal first start for my garden. The seedlings have died due to my neglect. I didn’t check them yesterday and they were dry as a bone today. My fault really. I will start again and add this to my FlyLady daily list to remember to check my seedlings.

so sad


On a brighter note, my family is on it’s way up for a quick weekend visit. Spending the day with my sister and then tomorrow it will be the both of them. So very excited to have them both here at the same time. I am in need of a sisterly and motherly hug.

Now, to sow some seeds!

lE pEtiT JaRDiN ~ Sow it starts

Today I started my first seeds for my garden. I am starting with Shasta Daisy, Zinnia, Marigolds and Cosmos. I am using egg shells for the seedlings. They should be germinating within the next 5 to 8 days. The seeds are currently hanging out on the stove but I think they will like the laundry area where it is rather warm. Found out that Home Depot is carrying an organic seed selection by Ferry-Morse and Martha Stewart. However, I am going to order some seeds from mail order catalog as I have found some heirloom and plants specific to container gardening.


Monday marks the eighth year since my dad passed. As always, July is a month of change. It always seems that my life gets altered in some way in July. I am either moving (which I don’t recommend when you are moving from Seattle to Phoenix), someone has passed, job loss, or job gain…it generally happens in July. Granted, the rest of the year is not left but for the most part…it’s this month. The 31st is also the tenth year anniversary of my returning to Arizona after being in Washington for three years. As it has been said ‘Time flies whether you’re having fun or not’.

I am sure there is some metaphysical reason for July being my month of tremendous change but I haven’t found it out yet. There are some changes I made this month that I feel pretty empowered by. First it was setting the apartment up, getting items together for gardening and leaving the SCA. I am pretty much done with the SCA for now. I asked the barony to remove me from the officer roles as I am no longer a paid member of the society. I removed myself from FB lists and yahoo groups. I need my break. I know in my heart that those who want to be around me will and those individuals have already proven themselves to me. I am heartbroken but I also know that these are the consequences of my actions. Honestly, I would rather garden, run or scrapbook then go to an event right now.

I do have some cool things planned for today. I am going to be visiting an Urban Homestead to see how one family is producing their food and having a sustainable home. I am hoping to be able to incorporate some ideas here at the apartment.

I am also picking up some seeds and soil today so I can get some items started for the fall. So excited! My mom and sis are visiting next week and will be bringing some of my garden things!!!! Once I have my potting bench, I will be set and can start setting the patio up for my garden. Which needs a name….a french name.  Hmmmm…I shall call it ‘le petit jardin’ (ha).

It’s time for coffee, laundry, breakfast, home blessing hour and feeding the dog!

CaUTiOn: PITta oN bOaRD

This journey of mine has had me thinking about things again. Now that I feel that my home is settled and truly all mine, I am starting on my intentions. I decided that my year of Sustainability-Devotion-Abundance would include some lifestyle changes. I am feeling more open to challenges the past few months and quite frankly, I am so not wanting to take Zoloft and Welburtin for the next nine months. I need to work on getting out of this fog once and for all.

So what is the definition of my year.  Sustainability – This is mostly about my money (issues, let’s be honest), volunteer simplicity, eco-living choices, and creating healthy habits in regards to my financial future.  Devotion – My life has always centered around faith. Admittedly, i have fallen several times but God has always had my back. I will be following through on some things I have put off, attending mass on a regular basis, and let go of the hurt of the past few years. Abundance is all about growth and bringing joy back in my life. Either through yoga, running, gardening, volunteering, saving, giving or whatever brings joy.

Daily Om is a website that my friend Rose *names changed to protect us mOnkies* lead me to a few years ago. I get a daily thought email and today I stumbled upon some online courses. For a $1 each I signed up for Heal Your Money Karma and Heal Yourself with Ayurveda. With the money course,  is covers the following: You will notice that you’ll be less impulsive around money. You’ll have less need for things to make you happy. You will be calmer in financial situations that used to be stressful. You will be earning more money and saving more money. You will be making better investment decisions. You will be telling the truth to your friends and family members (e.g. when you’re invited out to a restaurant you can’t afford, you will decline and say why, unapologetically, and then offer an affordable alternative). You will notice your mind playing new affirmative messages instead of the old, limiting, ancestral messages. It is an eight-week course and after today’s first lesson, I am excited to see what else they have to say.

The second course is not a new idea for me. I found the practice of Ayurveda about 15 years ago (Gawd, time flies!) and when I lived in Seattle, I went to a Ayurvedic practitioner. However, being mid-twenties and not wanting to be odd man out any more than I already was, I got away from learning more. I recently found all my books on Ayurveda and when I saw the course, I signed up. I would like to find a way out of taking the meds anymore than I need to. So with this course, I will have a better understanding of my Dosha and adding routines to my life that add balance. This course is lead by Lissa Coffey and will cover the following topics: Individual strategies for diet, exercise, and lifestyle. How to create and maintain healthy relationships using Vedic principles. How to accept our characteristics and honor who we already are. Detailed information about each of the three doshas, or Ayurvedic mind/body types and how to determine your own unique dosha. How Ayurveda works as a health care system. Seasonal accommodations, and Ayurveda around the clock and through the years. Specific recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle for each dosha. Recommended Asanas and Yoga routines for each dosha. Ayurvedic massage techniques including recommended oils and aromatherapy. Meditation techniques, mantras and rituals. Pranic breathing techniques. Information about the major charkas and their relation to Ayurveda. Information about Tantra, Jyotish, Vastu, Vedic philosophy and more. Information about Ayurvedic herbs and how to use them for self-care. If your interested in the courses offered, you can find them here .

I am excited about these two new adventures.

In other news, I got a seed catalog today…OMG! I am itching to sow something! Also, on a walk with Hermione today, I found that a resident had thrown away seven perfectly good, self-watering garden containers. Those are now mine! I love when I think of what I need and it pops right into my life. So cool.

Today was spent dealing with yet another awful migraine. So now I am up late trying to tire myself out so I can get some sleep. It’s the weekend, it’s ok to be up late.

Weekend of Independence

It’s closing in on being the end of the weekend. For me, it was an awesome one. With a bit of pet sitting for the friends (my only obligation), I truly had a weekend all to myself. I feel accomplished and productive after all the work I did. I even got to spend the day in my jammies!

Looking forward to sushi and Eclipse tomorrow with Nikki and Izzy. I don’t think I can wait anymore. I think it’s time for some much needed popcorn and a good movie.

(Re)Feathering My Nest

For the last couple of months I have been on a purging diet of my…well…my crap. I had loads of it hanging around. Items that I thought I would cherish forever but have been sitting in a closet and haven’t been seen or used. It all started with my bedroom closet. I took out all the clothes that were to big and gave away about three bags full of clothes to a very grateful friend.

I had been trying to sell the futon frame and computer desk that I had but I was getting no bites. I was encouraged to find a way to get them out of my apartment. So I listed them on FreeCycle and they were gone the very next day.  Then the flood gates opened and the redecorating began. I started Thursday evening with the living room. I moved my couch against the fireplace wall and it really opened up the space. Now I can do my yoga practice without a lot of banging into things. I hung my SCA awards on the opposite wall and covered a ratty old chest with some fabric and placed one of my SCA pictures on it.

I had a game-plan for the rest of the weekend. Saturday was all about the bedroom, Sunday was all about the Office, and Monday was all about the storage area.  Well, at least I had a game plan.  After work on Friday, I picked up five cheap black frames. These were purchased new. It was a decision to finish the project and not waste precious time at the thirft store trying to find frames that matched and then drive to hardware store for spray paint.  I hung the last few pictures and thought I would be done for the night.  So I thought. Really.  But no, I was onto the bed room. I was feeling pretty tired but I got my second wind and got started. With the desk gone I moved my dresser against a different wall, moved the bed to the wall next to the window and my keepsake bench to the opening to the closet and bath area.  I was given a Tiffany style dragonfly lamp years ago and that is now behind the bench.  Finished and hit the sack cuz I wore myself out.

So with the bedroom done on Friday, I started in on the office. I now have all my books out, organized and dust free. The computer has a new home and my desk is now a small roll top desk. The best thing is that most of the items that cause clutter now have a home. Computer supplies and post its are now on the small dresser. The desk has a couple of drawers that now house all the pens and pencils. Additional office supply storage is hanging from the back of the door. Shoe organizers make great storage solutions. Within a couple of hours I had to all in place, the computer working and craft area all done.

Ahead of schedule to say the least. Today was spent packing up Maggie with about five boxes of miscellaneous items, a small book case, and other various items that were cluttering the place up. I just have to secure the phone line for the modem and get rid of seventeen empty boxes!

I love that my “home” is finally set. That I have purged the things that keep me in the past. Metaphor for other things in my life…yea, you could say that.  I have a slideshow of all the changes I made. Enjoi!

So this is how I spent my Fourth of July weekend. The advantage of getting everything done (with the storage re-do scheduled for another weekend) I can spend tomorrow being lazy, making some tabbouleh, yoga, and simply enjoying my space.